Withholding Evidence - Loudoun County CPS

Withholding evidence is one of the most effective tools in the toolbox of the Child Protection Agency of Loudoun County and the Office of the County Attorney.

It is criminal how false accusations are handled by the County and its caseworkers. There is an assumption that the accused is guilty, and the entire investigation (if it can be called that) is conducted to find abuse, even if no abuse has occurred.

In some cases the social worker blatantly withholds information, no doubt with the support and approval of his or her upper management team. The goal of the investigation is to find abuse, not the truth.

In order to find abuse, it is required to withhold evidence that would prove the accusations false. Loudoun CPS is notorious for concealing evidence, along with the Office of the County Attorney.

The hearings resemble that which would occur in a banana republic not in a Courtroom in the US.  The system is rigged so that it is almost impossible for a defendant to prove that nothing happened.  Unfortunately, Judges are reluctant to rule against CPS; after all they work for the same boss. The defendant in abuse accusations, usually the father, is overwhelmed at what it happening and is not aware that the system is rigged to find abuse. The defendant expects equal treatment in the Court; this is a mistake.  The hearings are handled and conducted in a very secretive manner and the burden of proof  is very low making a mockery of the legal system.

The defendant is not aware that CPS will engage is such dubious behavior as withholding evidence.  In some cases it could be years before the defendant is aware that CPS withheld critical information.  CPS along with the County Attorney has turned the courts in Loudoun  into a kangaroo court. The true victims are the children , the same children that CPS is entrusted to protect.

Withholding Evidence - Loudoun County CPS