UFO’s, Ghosts and Psychological/Psychiatric diagnosis


What do the above three things have in common; the answer, there is no compelling evidence for either. This article isn’t meant to disparage the mental health profession, it is only meant to shed light on the abuses of it, unsuspecting and vulnerable patients can fall prey to misguided and poorly trained professionals. Normally children are the typical victims as parents are inclined to believe what a mental health professional tells them.

The mental health diagnosis unlike any other medical diagnosis is not based on any subjective tests. It is the very subjective opinion of the professional. Psychology/psychiatry has been at the forefront of some of the worse scandals in our time, most notable the Satanic Panic that believed that hordes of devil worshipers were abusing children in appalling high numbers. This would be laughable except for the fact that innocent parents were sent to jail.

It also led the way in the diagnosing of Multiple Personality Disorder (known as MPD).  The reader may recall the case and the movie titled Sybil. This launched the diagnosis of MPD of thousands of people. It was all based on a lie as depicted in the book “Sybil Exposed” by Debbie Nathan.

The profession also delved into the business of “Repressed Memories”. The basis for this alleged syndrome is that someone can experience trauma which is so severe that those memories are suppressed. They are suppressed until a “therapist” finds a way to unlock the painful memories. Unfortunately this belief sent many innocent people to jail and judges and juries believed the alleged expert testimony of professionals who were promoting the scientific validity of repressed memories. Many therapists implanted or suggested to their patients that they had been abused as child; this type of pseudoscience destroyed lives and alienated many children from their parents. Even today professionals promote this belief.

In addition the bible for mental health the mental health profession, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is presented as a legitimate book of diseases. In reality every disorder in the book is voted on, there are no tests for a single diagnosis. The diseases and codes are decided upon via a voting process; this isn’t science. Science and evidence does need a vote, the facts speak for themselves. As late as the DSM-3, homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder. There is an extreme amount of controversy over the new DSM-V; many notable psychiatrists have spoken out against the new revision, including Dr. Allen Frances.

True science and medicine corrects itself, the mental health profession defends itself.  The patient needs to go into a session with an extreme amount of skepticism.


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