The tale of Robert Calef – Loudoun County CPS


When any man has moral courage enough to speak plainly against any vices, follies, or superstitions surrounding him, he must not only be a bold man, but he does regardless for the cost;”

These are the immensely important words of Roger Calef, a resident of Boston, Massachusetts and witness to the Salem witch hysteria in the 1600′s. He wrote critically of the Witch Trials in “More Wonders of the Invisible World”. Additionally, he was very critical of the role of Cotton Mather during the witch trials. Cotton Mather, a prominent minister in the area, was a strong proponent of the trials. Roger Calef was going against the grain with his criticism but yet he still spoke out.

Roger Calef and his ideas were not very popular at the time and heavily criticized. Today in modern society, at least in the west, we do not believe in witches. However, during the 1600′s it was a widespread belief.  The reader must understand this to appreciate the courage of Roger Calef, this along with the fact that he was a merchant not a trained minister like Cotton.   Mr. Calef had beliefs that were assuredly against the norm. He was able to see the fallacies of the trial while Cotton and the majority of others could not.  This is one of the more important facts concerning Roger Calef, he was a merchant not a theologian but yet his arguments against the trials were masterfully stated.

His book was burned by the Mather and he had difficulty in getting it published. The truth travels very slowly when it contradicts a popular narrative and differs from those in power. Mr. Calef persisted and his writings dogged Cotton Mather for the remainder of Mather’s life. Thanks to the work of Mr. Calef witch hunting became in relic in the colonies.

The similarity between the Salem Witch Trials and a typical case that involves Child Protective Services is alarmingly similar. The times are different but the mentality is the same, the mentality is always the same. Instead of spectral evidence, we now have psychological testimony which is abused much like spectral evidence was. Many argue that psychology is no more than pseudoscience much like astrology; I will allow the reader to decide that truth of that assertion. In the case of Loudoun County they will utilize any psychologist who will testify for them.

In the Salem Witch trials a special court was utilized to hear the evidence of witchcraft, in a similar vein in a CPS does the same,  the bar for evidence is dropped to a dangerously level much like the trials of 1692. In both cases, statements are admitted as evidence without any proof to substantiate what is being claimed. The trials of 1692 were an abomination as are some of the cases that CPS brings to trial currently. In both cases Judges sit idle and let this absurdity continue.

It is critically important for anyone dealing with the Loudoun County Department of Family Services to realize that Sandra Glenney and CPS management will do anything to win their case. They will engage in withholding evidence, encouraging and supporting the social workers to behave in an unethical manner. More importantly, Ms. Glenney will use any tactic to win her case.

I encourage anyone who has dealings with Sandra Glenney to please contact me and share your story.


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