Below are critical research and studies to assist the defendant and his attorney in litigation against CPS and Sandra Glenney

Sandra Glenney will ask the defendant how to explain the alleged allegations made against the defendant. It is imperative that one is familiar with the research.

Child suggestibility study from Dr. Maggie Bruck and Dr. Stephen Cici, closely read this research Bruck_Ceci(1997)

Recovered memory study from  Dr. Richard J. McNally forensic-psychology-magazine-article

Frontline undertook a review of the more famous cases of the 80′s. The blueprint for all abuse cases are the same, especially in Loudoun.  The CPS worker are not knowledgeable of the research and neither are the judges.  It is up to the defendant and their attorney to educate the judge.

Sam Stone Study conducted by Dr. Stephen Cici  Sams Stone Study, , in short the study details how children can create false narratives under the right conditions; be familiar with this study and question Sandra Glenney’s expert about the details of this study.

Dr Richard McNally’s research on “repressed memories”

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