Say No to Lorrie Sinclair – Virginia 20th Judicial Circuit Candidate



Say no to Lorrie Sinclair

The new Judge for the 20 Circuit will be approved by the Virginia legislature next month. There is word that it will not be Lorrie Sinclair who is pictured above.  The 20th Judicial Circuit has been approved for an additional judgeship, more than likely Lorrie Sinclair will try again to become a judge in Loudoun County. We are not out of the woods yet.

One must remember that the public has very little input in the process. The local bar provides candidates to the 20th Judicial Circuit legislators, who then interview the candidates. Keep in mind the public does not have the opportunity to attend the interviews and the questions or answers are not made available to the public. With that said, it is time to warn the public and the legislators of Lorrie Sinclair. She is not judicial material for a long list of reasons.

She has an intense propensity for bias; this bias prevents her from administering justice impartially.  In thecases, in which she has served as the Guardian Ad Litem, the judicial process has been trampled upon.  The selection process is so secretive and has a total lack of transparency that it is critical for the citizens to voice their concerns over Lorrie Sinclair.

There will be more to come on this topic, as well as specifics why Ms. Sinclair is not judicial material.



One thought on “Say No to Lorrie Sinclair – Virginia 20th Judicial Circuit Candidate

  1. David Williams

    This lady is ruining me and my children’s life as a gal she’s taken paments from my x wife and after that she’s taken her side and took one of my children from me that I’ve had custody of for the past 8 years my x wife deserted her children for 8 years and comes back in town and. Now she’s a perfect parent ms . Sinclair has been saying bad thing s about me making statements that she can t back up she’s a real witch I hope u don’t get her as a gal if she don’t like u your kids r gone


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