Sandra Glenney – Assistant County Attorney Loudoun County


Loudoun County has a credibility problem within the Loudoun County Attorney’s office. The credibility problem has a name and that name is Sandra Glenney. Glenney is the chief attorney for the Loudoun Child Protection Agency. She is the epitome of what is wrong with the legal system in Loudoun County. She has a win at all costs attitude.

It is critical for a defendant and his or her attorney to realize that Ms. Glenney will conceal evidence, regardless of the law. It is also very concerning that she feels at ease doing so. It seems that she is confident that her actions will be tolerated by the various judges.

The first step a defendant should take is to subpoena all records from the CPS worker; there is no guarantee that you will receive everything. Secondly, Glenney repeatedly uses Loudoun Mental Health; the practitioners from Loudoun Mental Health will use certain keywords in their initial report to persuade the Court. The most favored keywords are believable, credible and in my professional opinion. In the specific cause of sexual abuse allegations, in which there is no physical evidence. Glenney tends to get creative and relies heavily upon her handpicked psychologists. The most noted being Dr. Mary Lindahl of Alexandria, Virginia and Dr. Silberg from Baltimore.

If Glenney proposes the above mentioned alleged professionals, the defendant must act vigorously to remove them from the case; they are going to agree with Glenney no matter what. Currently, most Judges are not educated to the unethical behavior of the psychologists that CPS uses.

Glenney will also go to great lengths to conceal any exculpatory evidence. It is important to remember that this is a civil matter not a criminal matter; the rules are different. She will try to control the process by limiting the ability of the defendant to call any professional witnesses. Any and all professionals called by the defendant will be treated with contempt by Sandra Glenney.

Remember, Sandra Glenney will conceal evidence as well as the CPS worker. The professionals who are testifying for Glenney will find abuse at any and all cost. Do not expect any ethical behavior from Glenney, CPS or the professionals that they employ. The defendant must be aware of the tricks that Glenney will play.


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