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If there is one book that Sandra Glenney should read it is “Cautio Criminalis” written by Jesuit Priest Friedrich Spree. The ironic twist is that the book was written in the 1600′s during the European Witch Trials.  Although Glenney’s official title is Assistant Count Attorney, in reality she is nothing more than a cheap version of close minded witch hunter, who is fanatic in her beliefs.

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Who made the disclosure

Who made the disclosure


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Who made the disclosure?  That is a question you and your attorney must probe and investigate.  Do not take the CPS investigator’s word for it, do not take Sandra Glenney’s word for it. You need to probe the initial source of the accusation.  The attached document illustrates why, if your child makes a disclosure with the other parent, there is a high probability that the disclosure was produced by the other parent.

Monica Zceare is a case study for this. When you have the other parent on the stand, take advantage of it and take notes. Your job is to record the other parent’s testimony.  Your attorney needs to establish the following.

  • How many times did you question child before the disclosure was made
  • How long did the questioning last in minutes
  • What was the context of the questioning, what started the questioning. (Rash, marks etc..)
  • This is specifically a Monica Zveare question – Have you contacted CPS before

You want the judge to understand that the disclosure was made under intense questioning and did not originate spontaneously.

Lessons Learned from the McMartin Case- Monica Zveare

Lessons Learned from the McMartin Case- Monica Zveare


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First of all,  Sandra Glenney is a horrible Assistant County Attorney. She is simple minded and her strategy in the Courtroom is direct from the 80’s Satanic Panic;somewhat easy  to counter if your attorney knows how. She has no concept of a fair hearing and scientific testimony; keep this in mind as you are dealing with her.

Contamination and the original accuser. Two points you and your attorney should keep in mind and investigate.  The attached document, ”Lessons learned from McMartin” explains why this is so critical.  Introduce Judy Johnson of the McMartin scandal, she was the gasoline that lit the McMartin fire.  Accusers like here are the reason why authorities must audio or video tape the interview with the original accuser.

Take for example, Monica Zveare, who made several  inconsistent statements to CPS and the detectives. Loudoun CPS and the detectives will not take note of the contradictions, you and your attorney must point them out to the Court. .  Zveare is a classic example of blatant outright false statements in Court. You counter this by issuing a subpoena for all the notes of the interview by the original accuser.  One by one, address them in Court with clarity and notes.

The recommendations in the attached document are worthwhile but unfortunately Loudoun CPS doesn’t do any of them.

Investigative Independence

Investigative Independence


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The attached document  written by Sue White, PhD; and Kathleen M. Quinn, MD , details the importance of an independent investigation concerning child abuse allegations. I highly suggest reading the document and compare to what Loudoun County Child Protective Services is doing. They do not conduct independent investigations.

As far as the alleged mental health professionals are concerned, an un-biased evaluation is out of the question.  Case in point Dr. Lindahl, in a previous case involving Monica Zveare, she deliberately withheld critical information,

It is recommended for you and your attorney to watch the social workers and therapists very closely. Sandra Glenney will not allow any independent evaluation of your child . She will demand that only her therapist has access to the child.