New County Attorney for Loudoun


The current County Attorney, Jack Roberts is retiring. His interim replacement was announced today in the Leesburg Today paper.

We, the citizens of Loudoun can only hope that whoever replaces Mr. Roberts is willing and able to clean up the culture that is pervasive in the County Attorney’s Office now. For some reason, which is a mystery Sandra Glenney stills holds the position of Assistant County Attorney. Sandra Glenney’s actions, which are documented with email and other artifacts, should have been sufficient to remove her from her position. A plausible explanation is that the County Attorney’s office allows this type of behavior. This is only a hypothesis. Nonetheless, her presence damages the Office’s reputation.

Sandra Glenney’s decision to withhold evidence from the Courts and Defense Attorney’s has consequences. To Ms. Glenney it is all about winning cases, never once giving thought to the damage inflicted upon her victims. For some reason Jack Roberts has allowed this to continue for years, maybe the times are changing with his retirement.

A dishonest County Attorney’s office or District Attorney’s Office has a vicious affect upon a community. No one is safe from their actions; people suffer from their actions as well. In the case of Sandra Glenney’s, she serves as legal counsel for the Child Protections Services Agency. Sandra Glenney harms children with her actions. We can only hope the new County Attorney will put the office in order.

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