Monica Zveare



The similarities between Monica Zveare and Judy Johnson (initial accuser in the McMartin case) are  striking. Both made fantastical and bizarre claims of abuse , both strain credulity. Judy Johnson claimed that her child was abused by the member of the Los Angeles school board, Zveare made many claims that a child was abused including drugging  with mushrooms. Both were believed those in power, Johnson by the prosecution in LA , Zveare by Sandra Glenney.

The major difference with Judy Johnson and Monica Zveare is that a few of those in power that interviewed Judy Johnson did express doubts. Not so in Loudoun County, despite Zveare’s claims of invisible men and the sandman, Zveare was continued to be believed.  In Zveare’ s case Glenney tried at all costs to keep Zveare’s mental health hidden.

Sandra Glenney is an integral part of the Zveare story, Glenney was Zveare’s champion. Glenney continually ignored Zveare’s bizarre and false statements.  Zveare was recommended to receive assistance from Loudoun County mental health, this did not give Glenney pause. A statement could be made that Glenney has a very distorted thought process.

The defense attorney’s in the McMartin trial did an incredible job or exposing Judy Johnson’s mental health issues. In your specific case, you and your attorney need to investigate the mental health of the accusing parent.  This needs to be presented to the Court in order to obtain a psychological evaluation for the accuser.


Monica Zveare Loudoun County