Monica Zveare and Lorrie Sinclair



To become a judge requires a certain quantity of critical thinking and an inquisitive mind. Anyone who has any amount of these two items would have seen  through the false accusations made by Monica Zveare,;Lorrie Sinclair did not.

A critical thinking person would have been concerned about Zveare’s four previous calls to CPS. A critical thinking person would have raised an eyebrow at Zveare’s claiming of “drugging with mushrooms”;  Sinclair did not express any concern at all. She did not even know about the previous calls to CPS made by Zveare.

A critical thinking  person would have been alerted at Zveare”s claim of depression and subsequent treatment;  Sinclair showed no interest and made no inquiries into Zveare’s treatment or made a request for Zveare’s records.

Lorrie Sinclair made no inquiries into Zveare’s background or mental health treatment records, SInclair made no inquiries to the appropriate professionals to collect more information. Sinclair is not judicial material.



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