The Monica and Christopher Zveare hoax





. Christopher Zveare alone submitted three false  documents  allegedly from the U.S Department of State.  He went as far as saying that he had no knowledge of the origin of the documents but he assured the Court that they were valid.  It is incredible that he felt so comfortable doing this in Court. It is incredible that the numerous judges involved allowed this. By every definition Monica and Christopher perpetrated an elaborate hoax on the Court.

Monica Zveare also made false statements to the police and to Child Protective Services. She also , incredibly involved the Department of State as well  , alleging a failed medical examination that never occurred. Their hoax continues to this day. They had support, generous support from the legal system. Most notably from Sandra Glenney and Lorrie Sinclair.

The story of the Zveare’s is an indictment and embarrassment to the legal system. A simple investigation would have, immediately,  discredited the Zveare’s , instead the Court decided to avoid any embarrassment and allow their hoax to continue.

For some unknown reason the Court system, specifically Judge Thomas D. Horne overlooked all of the discrepancies with the Zveare’s statement and documents.  Monica Zveare  especially contradicted herself in numerous statements. The  absurdity of her statements would astound any person except those involved within the judicial system in Loudoun County,

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