Monica,Christopher Zveare and Dr. Mary Lindahl- A case study in false accusations





False accusations are the bane of the  civil court system. It pits the word of the accuser (more likely the parent of the accusing child)  versus the word of the accused. The pawn in this game  is the child. Typically. the parent who instigates the false accusation typically suffers from some type of mental disorder. A case involving Monica and Christopher Zveare is quite interesting, it reveals the inadequacy of Child Protective Services to differentiate between true and false accusations.   It also puts on display the absolute failure of Dr. Mary Lindahl (CPS chosen psychologist) to tell the un-biased truth. Not just Dr. Mary Lindahl, there is an inventory of psychologists who will do exactly what Dr. Mary Lindahl did.

In this particular case , Dr Lindahl deeply embedded herself in the outcome of the case. This included Dr. Lindahl failing to report numerous retractions. You will find this in almost all CPS cases, the psychologist deeply believes that abuse occurred.  Dr. Lindahl failed miserably in her duties as an un-biased professional.  This occurs time and time again in false abuse cases. It is interesting that Dr. Lindahl did take the drastic step of withholding critical information from the juvenile court and domestic court on multiple occasions.

Dr. Lindahl failed several times to report the retractions at the Juvenile Court level and the Circuit Court level.  She consistently and knowingly withheld critical information. It is imperative to get the therapist’s notes. Dr. Lindahl is the prime example of why you get the notes. If you don’t a therapist will have the ability to testify to anything they want to. If you have the notes, you and your attorney can severely restrict their testimony, for someone like Dr. Lindahl this must be done.



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