Biases of Sexual Abuse Experts

Biases of Sexual Abuse Experts


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The attached document is a study performed on the biases of the child sexual abuse experts. Be certain that Sandra Glenney has contact information for therapists that will deliver for her. This study exposes the issue.  Always assume that Glenney’s expert will testify that abuse occurred.  This is the case with Dr. Mary Lindahl.

From the study a critical statement

Studies of expert classificatory reliability in cases of alleged child sexual abuse have demonstrated predictably high rates of error (Horner-Guyer pre- dictions) on the part of clinicians using clinically derived data to classify individuals as abusers/nonabusers. Rates of false positive classification have been shown to be many times greater than the rates of false negative classification.’

The alleged experts always, the majority of the time, assume that abuse has occurred. There assumption is not based on science but gut feeling. I should say it is a financial decision, Glenney pays $150 per hour.  There is an incentive to testify that abuse has occurred.


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