APA Child Evaluation Guidelines

APA Child Evaluation Guidelines


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As incredible as it may same, despite the type of biased  crazy therapists that Sandra Glenney qualifies as an export witness, that witness is subject to guidelines from the American Psychological Association (APA) . The cases of hysteria in the  80’s and 90’s brought the crackpots out in search for easy money. It is my deep belief that no ethical psychologist will ever testify for Sandra Glenney, only the hacks.

The attached file is the suggested guidelines from the APA, it depicts how the psychologists should conduct themselves.

Rest assured that Glenney’s hired gun will fail miserably at Guideline 4.

Guideline 4. The role of psychologists who conduct child protection evaluations is that of a professional expert who strives to maintain an unbiased, impartial approach to the evaluation.

Trust me, Glenney’s hired gun is their to find abuse nothing more.

Your attorney needs to know the guidelines and read them to the therapist in Court, especially as pertains to guidelines .

Guideline 5. Psychologists strive to gain competence sufficient to provide effective and ethical forensic services when conducting child protection evaluations and when addressing case-specific issues that may require specialized professional knowledge, training, or skills.


Also, keep in mind you need to establish how often Glenney’s therapist testifies for the County. Glenney will tend to sue the same psychologists over and over again.

Guideline 7. Psychologists providing child protection evaluations strive to avoid role conflicts and multiple relationships that may compromise their objectivity, competence, or effectiveness, or that may otherwise risk harm or exploitation to the person or identified client (e.g., court, state child protection agency) with whom the professional relationship exists.

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