Dr. Mary Lindahl – Reunification Therapy gone astray



It is so hard to understand the words of Dr. Mary Lindahl, they are in stark contrast to her conduct in therapy. Again, with therapists like Dr. Lindahl you must get the treatment notes. Either she doesn’t comprehend her discrepancies or she doesn’t care. As an example, the above clip from her article “Reunification in Intrafamilial Child Abuse Cases:”

“It is important for the reunification therapist to avoid the temptation to continue the abuse investigation”.  This is an incredible statement made by Dr. Mary Lindahl who in the Monica Zveare case was adamant in finding abuse regardless of the facts. In fact she was so adamant that she stated to a social worker that she was almost 100% sure abuse occurred. Click on the link below. These are not the words of a therapist who has abandoned the abuse investigation.


Dr. Lindahl’s behavior in the Zveare case raises severe questions about her therapeutic techniques. She was clearly biased in the Zveare case, she at one point inquired of Sandra Glenney what Glenney wanted in the way of testimony or a report. This stresses the need to  get the treatment notes. Psychologists often depict therapy as an art  not a science. This can lead to numerous incompetent therapists, it seems that they are attracted to Sandra Glenney or vice versa.

In short, do not allow Dr. Lindahl to serve as your reunification therapist. Do not allow Dr. Lindahl to serve in any capacity in your case.


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