Loudoun Department of Family Services, Sandra Glenney and therapists that are lunatics

Is it possible that Sandra Glenney and the Loudoun Department of Family Services would recommend an alleged professional who was mentioned in article, in a very negative manner, titled “When therapists are lunatics”? The answer is an unbelievable and sadly yes. Sandra Glenney, the assistant County Attorney for Loudoun County, VA inexplicably recommended Dr. Joyanna Silberg for a recent case in Loudoun County. Dr. Silberg served as the past president of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD). Dr. Silberg is a mainstay as an expert witness in sexual abuse cases.

Dr. Silberg is mentioned in the following article, the article is a review of the book “22 Faces of the Eve” by Judy Byington.  Dr. Silberg claims to have witnessed similar events Byington describes in her book. Byington describes the details of a patient of hers, who was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). DID was formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder  (MPD). MPD did not survive scientific scrutiny and has since been repackaged and resold as DID. In reality all diagnoses have to be sold, simply because there is no evidence and legitimate test for any psychological diagnosis.

A quick view of the Judy Byington’s website reveals that she has very far-fetched beliefs and questionable practices.  She is dangerous to her patients, especially the vulnerable ones who may fall prey to her bizarre beliefs. This happens so often to patients of  any questionable psychologist and psychiatrist. They tend  to believe any and everything that the therapists tell them, especially children who can truly be the victims of this non-sense.  This is why it is so troubling that someone like Dr. Silberg would lend her name to support Byington. It is more dis-heartening that Sandra Glenney would recommend Dr. Silberg for a case in Loudoun County. This clearly demonstrates that Sandra Glenney only wants to win her case and is not concerned with the well-being of children.

The psychologists that Glenney uses are determined to find abuse even if none occurred. The children pay the ultimate price for this, they are forced at Glenney’s behest to visit with a therapist of Glenney’s choosing, and someone like Silberg who will not stop pushing the child until a child produces false accusations.

Sandra Glenney and those like her are the real abusers of children.



Loudoun Department of Family Services, Sandra Glenney and therapists that are lunatics