Loudoun CPS – The workers and investigators are poorly trained


Loudoun County CPS workers, investigators and their management team are poorly trained, this should be made known  to everyone who resides in Loudoun County; their statements cannot be taken as factual. In addition to being poorly trained the reader should add dishonesty to the description of Loudoun CPS. Dishonesty and poorly trained is a lethal combination for a CPS worker; Benjamin Smith and Sandra Glenney are a perfect example of this. Please remember Sandra Glenney is behind the scenes coordinating all of the moves that CPS will make during an investigation; do not be conned by the alleged purpose of Sandra Glenney “best interests of the child”, her interests is to win her case without regard to the children and their families.

The issue with the poorly trained aspect is more than likely the type of training the workers receive and what they do not receive.  According to the course CWS2021, which is required training for an investigator, the controversial theory “Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome ”   (CAAS) is taught to the investigators as a theory that is accepted and scientific; it is neither.  Many convictions have been overturned because a psychologist has opined that abuse has occurred based on this theory. Essentially the theory states that every behavior of a child indicates abuse. If the child is upset, it is evidence for abuse. If the child is not upset, it is evidence for abuse.

With this theory all roads lead to abuse. there is no instance that allows for the possibility that abuse did not occur using  CAAS.  Below is the theory’s idea concerning retractions. If you read between the lines, it essentially says that a retraction is proof that abuse occurred; eliminating the possibility that no abuse occurred.

“Child’s greatest fears have become a reality due to the disclosure….Unless there is a special support for the child and intervention to force responsibility onto the abuser, the child will retract complaint”. — The statement force responsibility onto the user is troubling, it assumes abuse has occurred. 

Keep in mind this theory was developed in the 80′s when the Satanic Ritual Abuse panic was in full swing. This theory is controversial and is not universally accepted within the mental health industry; more importantly it is not widely accepted in the Courts as reliable testimony. One should read the details of the McMartin Scandal to gain an understanding of why CAAS is dangerous.

What is not taught are cases that were simply atrocious that destroyed lives and families such as the McMartin scandal. They are not taught the concept of “Child Suggestibility” , which has debunked so many cases of false allegations. The list of wrongful convictions is plentiful and should be required training but isn’t.

One can and should assume that when a CPS investigator receives a case they immediately believe the accusations to be true. Unfortunately, the accused is not aware of this and will naively expect fair treatment. Benjamin Smith and others  like him ensure that the accused is denied a fair hearing. You must be aware that the psychologist that is selected by Glenney will believe the Child Abuse Accommodating Syndrome to be scientific as well , this is the mindset you will be facing.  The Guardian Ad Litem will offer no assistance to you. It is up to you and your attorney to educate the Judge about the training the investigator receives and the unreliability of the Child Abuse Accommodating Syndrome .

It is crucial that the accused and their attorney confront the investigator with the Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome and its shortcomings. You must also confront the CPS chosen selected psychologist with it also. If you don’t Glenney will try to pass the investigator and the psychologists as experts in their profession; they are not. Glenney and her hand-picked psychologists have ample experience in the Courtroom but not with truth and the facts, you have to confront with both with scientific data.

The accused needs to be aware immediately of the bias that the CPS investigator will have. In Loudoun County ,  the investigator and Sandra Glenney will take a hostile position toward the accused at the onset of the case. The investigator is more than likely going to find that abuse occurred; Glenney will force him or her to do this. Do not be alarmed at this, the burden of proof is very low. It is important to conduct your own investigation and gather your own evidence. The investigator’s determination is worthless and is based on ignorance, it is important to have you facts and data for the judge and for the  appeal of the investigator’s decision.

The workers are poorly trained , they are not equipped to answer any questions concerning the latest research relating to allegations. You need to expose their ignorance in Court, Glenney is unfamiliar as well with the latest material. You have to know the research to combat the dishonesty and ignorance.



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