Loudoun CPS - Things to ask the psychologist that Sandra Glenney selects

I will reiterate over and over again, Sandra Glenney calls the shots in a CPS investigation. She controls what information is provided to the defendant and their counsel. The relationship that you and your attorney will need to explore will be the relationship between Sandra Glenney and her hand-picked psychologist for the case. It is critical that you explore and debunk any and all facts that originate from the mouth of the therapist. They are working for Sandra Glenney, never forget that.

A key aspect of the testimony of Glenney’s psychologist will be emotion as in, did the child emotions coincide what the child was disclosing.  One aspect of the  psychologists testimony and one that they will always use is the child’s emotions.  Glenney will specifically ask this question to the therapist , an example being “Did the child display any emotions during the disclosure”.   You need to be aware Glenney is trying to sell her case to the judge.  Evidently she feels that if she can get her therapist to say that the child was very emotional during the disclosures , it will earn points with the Court, A disclosure is more credible if  a child is visibly upset when making the statement.

To refute the testimony of Glenney’s psychologists you and your attorney will need to critically review the original interview that CPS conducted  with your child. To stack the deck more on her side, Glenney will prevent you and your attorney from gaining access to the tape. She will instead offer to allow your attorney to see it at the County Office. When you watch it , look for emotion or lack thereof. Pay attention to see if your child is crying or shows fear when answering questions about you.  It is best to annotate the time when the child makes statements such as ” I have fun with my dad or mother”.

More than likely Glenney’s therapist , especially Dr. Lindahl or Dr. William Ling, will have no interest in the tape. If Glenney wants them to testify that abuse occurred, they will follow her lead like mindless puppets. This is good for you, your attorney needs to cross-examine them aggressively; with science.

Your attorney should ask them if they have seen the original interview tape.

Ask them if they are willing to watch the videotape.

Ask them what is the significance if the child is not showing any emotion while disclosing.

In the case of Dr. Lindahl, she is going to quote a study that says some are emotional, some are not. Ask her specifically the name of the study , who wrote and when it was published,

While in Court make a request to the Court that Dr. Lindahl or Dr. Ling be allowed to watch the tape and ask the Judge to order them  to do so, Also ask if you can have a different professional watch the tape.




Loudoun CPS - Things to ask the psychologist that Sandra Glenney selects