Loudoun CPS – Determine the source of the original accusation




It is vitally important to learn the source of the original accusation of a false accusation.  Your attorney must get to the source of the original accusation made by your child. You also must get every single detail of the circumstances surrounding the accusation such as who initiated the conversation the child or the adult and how the conversation was started. An absolutely critical point to ascertain is whether or not the the accusation was spontaneous from the child or did it originate after repeated questioning by the adult; it is absolutely critically to determine this.

When the accusation is made, at least for the first 45-60 days, you will have no access to the social workers  or CPS notes. Every thing you learn must come from the hearings during this 45-60 day time-frame.  When the accusing parent is on the stand, your attorney can obtain information without treating the accusing adult in a hostile manner. The attorney’s goal is to get as much information as possible during these hearings.

It is important for your attorney to slow down and take his or her time in the hearings.  As frustrated as you might be, it is to your benefit to have multiple hearings. This will be beneficial to the Judge as well.  You want to question the accusing adult very methodically in order to get their  answers on the record, when the CPS documents become available you then can compare the adult’s answers versus what is in the official record.

As an example, Monica Zveare pictured above, questioned a child for 45 minutes (at least) before a disclosure was made. Your attorney can get this information while the accusing adult is on the stand. In the case of Zveare, she made at least four previous calls to CPS; your attorney can obtain this information while the adult is on the stand. One of the accusations made by Ms. Zveare was that a child was being drugged with mushrooms.

It is critical to ask the following questions to the accusing adult

1. Have you made accusations before to Child Protective Services.

2. How long did you question the child before the accusation was made.

3. Who initiated the conversation, you or the child.

4. How many occasions have you questioned the child.



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