Loudoun CPS Sandra Glenny Witch Hunter – Cautio Criminalis


cautio criminalisglenney

If there is one book that Sandra Glenney should read it is “Cautio Criminalis” written by Jesuit Priest Friedrich Spree. The ironic twist is that the book was written in the 1600′s during the European Witch Trials.  Although Glenney’s official title is Assistant Count Attorney, in reality she is nothing more than a cheap version of close minded witch hunter, who is fanatic in her beliefs.

In the book, Spree cautions against fanaticism and the corrupt official involved in the witch trials.  When there is a false accusation of abuse, the witch trial mechanisms begin to roll within Loudoun County Child Protective Services. An interesting point the author makes is that a witch hunter’s salary depends upon finding witches. Much like Sandra Glenney , her salary depends upon finding abuse, nothing else. You can be assured that Sandra Glenney has devastated innocent families in her quest to justify her salary.  The  same goes for the CPS social worker in the case.

Glenney depends upon false testimony, a complete lack of physical evidence and the alleged export testimony of expert witnesses. Just like a witch hunter she has very little supervision.  In addition she does like to be challenged in the Court Room and will do anything to keep the defense from presenting their case.

I  will close with this statement from the book “Nothing is more harmful to the truth than a preconceived belief”. This statement applies directly to Sandra Glenney.


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