Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney’s relationship with the ISSTD




Sandra Glenney,  serving as the assistant Count Attorney, is very concerning. Her decision to use therapists from the ISSTD as expert witnesses is very concerning.  The ISSTD , if you did not know, is an organization that is home to those  particular therapists who believe in ritual abuse and mind control. Please see the document  that is taken directly from their website. It illustrates their unusual belief in mind control.  I am not making this up.

The ISSTD has a group dedicated to victims of mind control.  This  is stranger than fiction, I cannot make this stuff up if I tried.  The concerning part is that an officer of the Court, Sandra Glenney, would use a therapist  from such a dubious organization.  There a few possibilities for this.

  • Sandra Glenney herself believes in Satanic Ritual Abuse and mind control; very likely
  • The therapist from the ISSTD will testify without a doubt that abuse has occurred; this would be very appealing to Sandra Glenney.
  • A real mental health professional would actually look at all the evidence, whereas Sandra Glenney does not want the services of a competent mental health specialists A real therapist would run counter to Glenney’s goal in the case.
  • Sandra Glenney is terrified to lose to many cases, as this would jeopardize her position and could result in her dismissal from her office. The therapist from the ISSTD is her ace-in-the hole.

The fact that Glenney would even dare place an expert witness who is a member of the ISSTD on the stand should serve as an indication of the character and rationality of Sandra Glenney.  It also is pointed reminder that there isn’t any type of quality control as pertains to expert witness es who are qualified  in a Loudoun County Courtroom. Whoever the judge or judges are who allows any expert witness from the ISSTD to testify should be identified and exposed publicly.

As always, you and your attorney should take a very critical approach to any expert that is hired by Glenney.




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