Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney's psychologists and their junk science


The more one closely examines Loudoun CPS , Sandra Glenney and the mental health professionals who work and testify for them. The more sickening and shameful it is. Please don’t mistake , it is a national problem. The difference between Loudoun and other parts of the Country is that Loudoun doesn’t seem to learn. Sandra Glenney and CPS keep using the same discredited theories that were debunked in the 80′s during the Satanic Panic.

Glenney will keep using the same techniques and tactics that she always uses. They are as follows.

1. File protective order.

2. Bring someone in from Loudoun Mental Health to the emergency hearing to testify that the child’s statements were believable and not a result of coaching.

3. This step is the most important , hire a psychologist to engage in therapy for the child. Therapy is code  word for encouraging the child to make a disclosure. The therapist  will be your most difficult opponent, Unfortunately the Loudoun Courts allow absolute bullshit psychological testimony in the Courtroom – believe me it is bullshit. The Judges have exhibited no ability to discern what is bullshit and what isn’t. These are civil matters, therefore the protection that one enjoys in criminal court does not have the same protection in civil matters. Any one that Glenney calls will be accepted as an expert witness.

As a prime example lets look at Dr. Fred Willoughby from Texas, he was actually sanctioned for testifying to his opinions with out the ability to support them with scientific evidence.  In the case of Dr. Willoughby, he provided expert testimony during the criminal case of Michael Arena  who was accused of sexual abuse. There was no physical evidence in the case, as always there is a scumbag psychologist who is willing to provide testimony; there will always be a psychologist who is willing to testify for Sandra Glenney  – keep this in mind. Dr. Willoughby , testified that Michael arena was a pedophile based off of the Abel Assessment.  As the snippet below states that exam has a 65% accuracy rate, not much better than chance.

While testifying at Arena’s trial, Willoughby  overstated the test’s 65 percent accuracy rate and improperly testified  that a Brigham Young University study certified its accuracy. Instead,  the study raised serious questions about the test, saying its ability to identify pedophiles was no better than chance.”

This will be the crux of Glenney’s case, the expert witness will testify to their opinion.  The expert will testify that the child is not suggestible, the expert will testify that the child is believable , the expert will testify that the child believes he or she has been abused and many other things.

Glenney’s psychologists tend to be nothing more than hired guns, Please remember the judges are not psychologists or scientists. They may be persuaded by double talk, what passes for fact and evidence in the Courtroom would not be accepted as evidence within the scientific community.  Their testimony will be accepted as fact unless you and your attorney get aggressive with the expert witness during cross-examination.

Glenney’s hired gun will not testify to anything that may damage Glenney’s case. You will have to get their treatment notes and if possible depose them before the hearing so as to get all of their background information.







Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney's psychologists and their junk science