Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney's psychologists and their dangerous beliefs

An incompetent and dishonest psychologist is a very dangerous creature. This creature will make worse ,  a patient’s situation and destroy families. Psychology/psychiatry has a very dark history and it continues to write its very dark history.  For the citizens of Loudoun County and those who find themselves falsely accused of abuse, CPS and Sandra Glenney are agreeable to every bull**** theory that comes their way. If that theory can lead to a belief in abuse, Glenney is all for it. Thee is no more absurd testimony than that which is provided by the psychologist selected by Sandra Glenney and CPS.

Glenney’s coven of psychologists that hire themselves out for $150 an hour, at taxpayers expense, will also be agreeable to any theory that produces and encourages tales of abuse, even those discredited back in the 80s . The following link describes some of the more dangerous ideas in mental health  such as “repressed memories”. When  your child enters the  office of the therapist chosen by CPS, they are entering a very dark world that no child should enter. This is a dangerous world for adults but it is elevated for a child.  When the door shuts, the child is at the mercy of a very incompetent psychologist. CPS psychologists prey on young children , as child abuse allegations represents financial benefit to a psychologist. If the psychologist can convince the accusing parent that abuse is valid, they have a new repeat customer. It goes without saying that the psychologist will not do anything or testify to anything that may endanger their relationship with CPS and Glenney.

If a psychologist will take the right action such as conducting  proper therapy, the truth would come out. If the psychologist would listen to and report that the child recanted, the truth would come out. Alas, this is not be expected from a CPS chosen psychologist. They are concerned with preserving their relationship with Sandra Glenney and CPS. The professional hired by Sandra Glenney stands to make several thousands of dollars by agreeing with the notion that abuse occurred. As an example Dr. Mary Lindahl and  Sandra Glenney withheld the recanting of abuse  of a child for over two years. The accused was forced to go through multiple hearings and yet Sandra Glenney never divulged this information. More importantly by not divulging the information, the child was forced to endure multiple interviews and therapy that was not required.

The below article chronicles the story of Tom and the false accusations that his daughter made against him. In short Tom’s daughter received treatment from the Castlewood Clinic in St. Louis.


“Anna’s calls to her father became fewer and farther between. Then, two months into her stay, Anna sent a text message to Suzy: She asked her stepsister if Tom had ever touched her in a sexual way.”

In Tom’s case it took two months for the therapist to convince his daughter that she was abused, this was accomplished by  “repressed memories” therapy that she received at the Castlewood Clinic Repressed memories  surmises that some abuse is so horrific in someone’s childhood that those memories are repressed until a therapist can retrieve those memories of abuse.  As you read the article ,  you will discover that Child Protective Services were notified about his daughters claims and  then substantiated the claims.

“Protective Services wasn’t convinced. In September, investigators filed a report accusing Tom of sexual abuse. Though no criminal charges followed, the report meant Tom would be placed on New York’s Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment,”

Repressed memory therapy is highly controversial and has been very thoroughly  debunked. It has been a debunked theory since the 90′s. The case that involved Tom and his daughter occurred recently, many years since very detailed research and papers have been published concerning the subject.  The CPS finding of abuse in Tom’s case highlights one of the issues with CPS, their training is inadequate, very inadequate. CPS workers are not aware of critical research as relates abuse accusations.

As far as Loudoun County is concerned , Sandra Glenney and the Social Worker will testify in Court that  claims of abuse  are valid without showing any curiosity as to how the child came to make the statements. In an abuse case, in which there is no evidence, the impetus for the child’s statement is at the core of the issue. In Tom’s case , the Castlewood Clinic isolated his daughter from the family and began suggesting to Anna that she was abused. To anyone who has read about the atrocious cases of the 80′s , this is a total repeat of the 80′s. The CPS agency in St, Louis should have raised red flags when learning how Anna’s accusation came to fruition. It didn’t, they substantiated the abused; Loudoun CPS is no better.

The Castlewood Clinic would go onto be at the center of several lawsuits for their malpractice. The more notorious therapists who worked there have resigned as a result of the lawsuit. Many stories have been written in newspapers describing the very non-scientific nature of their therapy and the dangers of it but CPS which found Anna’s claims to be valid could not decipher bad therapy from good therapy; it is  very disturbing that an entire agency doesn’t know the research. CPS will simply agree with any claims of abuse.

A thorough review of the CPS training material that is required for CPS workers in Virginia  reveals that the cases of the 80′s are not taught during their training; they are simply not aware of what happened in those cases.  Without knowledge of the cases in the past and the associated research, the CPS workers will believe any claims of abuses; especially if the claims are made against the father.

As mentioned before, you have to attack the credibility of any psychologist that is hired by Sandra Glenney.  The attorney of the accused needs to question strongly the credibility of the psychologist as well.

Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney's psychologists and their dangerous beliefs