Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney is worse than we think



To have Sandra Glenney in the position that she is in problematic.  Why, the most problematic aspect is her choice of therapists. Another problematic aspect is Glenney’s embrace of complete total junk science.  As mentioned before she has been known to utilize therapists from the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Disassociation (ISSTD). The therapists from the ISSTD are problematic . How problematic,  the following article pretty much illustrates the issues with the ISSTD.

The article describes the antics of Dr. Colin Ross who was an expert witness in a rape case and also a prominent member of the iSSTD.  Dr. Ross testified to the validity of DID also known as MPD (of Sybil fame) and how an individual committed a rape while suffering from this disorder.  These are the types of therapists who belong to the ISSTD and disturbingly  Sandra Glenney calls these therapists as expert. Sadly, these are the types of therapists who testify for Sandra Glenney and CPS.  From the article

Psychiatrist Colin Ross had testified that Billy Joe Harris, the so-called “Twilight Rapist” who targeted elderly women, suffered from multiple personality disorder — now known as dissociative identity disorder (DID) — brought on by childhood abuse.

Another very interesting statement from the article.

Robert Christopher Barden testified that dissociative identity disorder (aka multiple personality disorder) is a controversial condition looked upon with skepticism by the scientific mainstream. He cited several articles rejecting the condition as a viable diagnosis, despite its presence in the DSM.

Dr. Barden testified that DID is looked upon with skepticism by the scientific mainstream. This is a very critical statement and should be examined closely.  It states that the scientific mainstream looks upon DID with skepticism.  You could also deduce that those in the mainstream are not members of the ISSTD. One must ask what type of therapist Sandra Glenney is bringing in to the Courtroom; they are not in the scientific mainstream.

Barden said the number of mental health professionals who tout dissociative identity disorder as viable are few and far between.

Also from an additional article concerning the same case , there is an interesting contrast made between an attorney who recognizes junk science and Sandra Glenney who embraces it.

 District Attorney Bobby Bell began his cross examination of Ross by getting him to agree that the areas of dissociative identity disorder and multiple personality disorder are controversial.

Bell then reeled off a list of leaders of the early dissociative identity disorder movement who had been either sued or had their licenses revoked or both.

As you can see, some attorney’s can detect junk science, Sandra Glenney embraces junk science.


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