Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney (Witch-finder General)





Sandra Glenney, aka  Loudoun County’s Witch-finder General. Akin to Matthew Hopkins of old England, Glenney is witch-hunter.  Matthew Hopkins did not provide any evidence to secure a conviction , neither does Glenney. She only provide suspicion and innuendo, much like a witch-finder. Instead of spectral evidence, Glenney users “certain” psychologists. Hopkins used women to look for the witches mark, Glenney uses “certain” psychologists” to force a disclosure.

Although, Matthew Hopkins probably had a higher standard of evidence.  Glenney only has to prove the miserably low  “Preponderance of Evidence”. She continually fails to meet this low standard.  It would be a very close call to decide who is more ethical.  I would argue that Matthew Hopkins is  more honest and truthful.

Glenney has demonstrated that she will condone dishonesty. She will ignore science and the latest literature.  Glenney prefers opinion over fact. much like Matthew Hopkins.

We in Loudoun County, we have our own witch-finder, her name is Sandra Glenney.

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