Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney and the ISSTD




I firmly believe that a few folks who work within  the Loudoun County Child Protective System could be considered mentally unhinged. There is no doubt that parents who make false accusations tend to be very mentally disturbed.  Unfortunately, mentally unbalanced individuals tend to seek each other out or maybe they attract each other.  This also applies to the mental health professionals who are involved in cases with Loudoun County Child Protective Services.  The only way a mentally unhinged accusing parent keeps pushing a case through the  Loudoun County Court system is with the  support of a mentally unhinged mental health professional. Sandra Glenney knows where to find them and she will utilize them.


The link to the book “22 Faces ,written by Judy Byington, very clearly demonstrates that there are quite a few mental health professionals who are mentally disturbed and should not be allowed around children or allowed to present testimony to a jury. Sadly, in Loudoun County, Sandra Glenney tends to seek those types of therapists out for the cases in Loudoun. Keep in mind these types of therapists are usually members of the International Society for the Study for Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD).  ISSTD is a very rogue and fringe organization. Dr. Joyanna Silberg is a former president of the ISSTD and she is recommended highly by Sandra Glenney.

22 Faces is a supernatural tale of Satanic Ritual Abuse which includes a Satanic sacrifice , that involved a murder of a child. The writer, Judy Byington passes this book off as a true story.  Included in the story is a Dr.  Greenbaum who served under Hitler in World War II and then for the CIA. Dr. Greenbaum is a master at mind control who possesses control over children who are abused by Satanists. The book highly praises the ISSTD and its research.

You can read the book for yourself to see how ridiculous the story is. What is more concerning for the citizens of Loudoun and specifically  a parent who is being targeted  by Sandra Glenney and CPS is the fact that Glenney would use therapists who are associated with ISSTD; Glenney does just that.

You need to be aware of the type of therapist that Glenney uses, please read the book 22 Faces, accessible via the link above.  The book also provides insight into the thought process of Sandra Glenney. One has to wonder if Glenney shares the beliefs of the ISSTD.  Does she belief in Satanic Ritual Abuse , does she believe that Satanists are abusing children and does she believe in repressed memories? It is safe to assume that she does. She has to be aware of the beliefs of the ISSTD.

If you are being targeted by Glenney , arm yourself with the facts and research on false sexual abuse accusations.  Glenney will believe any claim of abuse,  just like members of the ISSTD.



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