Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney, Lorrie Sinclair and Dr. Mary Lindahl and PTSD



The list of tricks that Loudoun CPS utilizes is numerous but repetitive , one of the more utilized tricks is to have a mental health professional testify to a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The implication being that your child has suffered from an event so traumatic that you child has developed PTSD, from the book “Has a child been molested”

” A favorite amongst child sexual abuse reformers is “post-traumatic stress disorder” (PTSDIDSM N 309.81). The child is said to show behavioral symptoms and signs which must be the result of a major psychic trauma. In the absence of any other known major catastrophe in the child’s life, the expert concludes that sexual abuse is the likely explanation.

Such claims are not only without any scientific foundation; they also fly in the face of accepted standards for use of the PTSD label. Let us look at the legitimate use of PTSD and then see how it is being perverted in sexual abuse accusations”

Keep in mind the therapist that CPS utilizes will typically disregard all procedures established by the Board of Psychology and those dictated by normal diagnostic methods. The diagnosis by the therapist will always support abuse, as was the  case of Dr. Mary Lindahl. They will repeatedly attempt to introduce the diagnosis of PTSD in the Courtroom, especially Dr. Mary Lindahl. Sandra Glenney and a Guardian Ad Litem like Lorrie Sinclair will assist someone like Lindahl to  introduce the diagnosis   In a recent case , Lindahl repeatedly attempted to introduce the diagnosis of  PTSD through various reports to the Court. This was done in the absence of any diagnostic information. Your attorney needs to be prepared to contest any written reports by the chosen CPS psychologist. They must be called to the stand to be cross-examined,

“In a typical pattern we have seen, the child is referred to therapy because of the allegation rather than the presence of symptoms that would lead to therapy for children. As therapy continues, the child then develops the symptoms which are said to prove that abuse happened. Clearly, it is crucial that the therapy records be obtained and used as a basis for cross examinating the expert using the PTSD label, as well as direct examination of your own rebuttal expert.”

The above is a critical statement, your child will be referred to someone like Dr. Mary Lindahl due to the allegations. Your child will then develop symptoms while in therapy. You have to get the notes from the therapy sessions,


Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney, Lorrie Sinclair and Dr. Mary Lindahl and PTSD