Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney, Laurie Warhol – just like Kern County




Sandra Glenney , Laurie Warhol and Ellen Grunewald are a throwback to the 80′s. One could say that all of Loudoun CPS is a throwback to the period aptly known as “The Satanic Panic”.  Sandra Glenney would be more at home in the 80′s during the Satanic Panic.  Glenney’s ideas and CPS’s ideas are very similar to period known as the Satanic Panic. Loudoun County CPS is bad and their psychologists are horrific but there was time in the 80′s and 90′s that could compete with the incompetence of Loudoun CPS.

It would be beneficial to the accused to become familiar with what took place in Bakersfield , California in the 80′s under the guidance of District Attorney Ed Jagels. The similarities between the Glenney and other DA’s of county attorneys is striking.  There are so many points to criticize about what happened in Bakersfield , it is hard to narrow it down. The following link is an excellent read and should be read if you find yourself accused.  The most interesting aspect of this article are the statements of the children who testified during the original trials in the 80′s , as they became adults they mentioned  how they were coerced into making allegations of abuse.


MORRISON: (Voiceover) It was Stoll’s old friend big, tough, Jeff Modahl, shuttled from one prison to the next, the two hadn’t seen each other since their convictions 10 years before. As the two friends swapped stories, Stoll learned of a stunning development in Modahl’s case. Shortly after he was convicted, Modahl’s daughter, Carla, had actually admitted that she had lied.

Here’s the letter she wrote to her dad in 1985. “Dear Dad,” it says, “I lied in court. I’m sorry for lying about this, Dad. I’m so sorry.

Carla Modahl wrote a letter to her dad apologizing for testifying against her day. Below she states why she did so.

And when we found Carla Modahl years later, she told us the same story, that she’d been fooled by a social worker and a prosecutor to testify against her dad. At the time of the trial, she was living in a foster home, she said, and wanted desperately to be reunited with him.


Ms. MODAHL: They kept telling me I could go home if I’d just say this, this and this. They promised me my dad would never go to prison.

Most children as they mature have very similar stories of how they came to testify against their parents. They were under extreme pressure by therapists. social workers and other parents to make false allegations. I need to reiterate the majority of the therapists and social workers for CPS are incredibly incompetent.

How does what happened in Bakersfield, California apply to Loudoun County and Sandra Glenney. Simply stated , Sandra Glenney suffers the same crusading mentality as Ed Jagels.  The CPS social workers in Loudoun County suffer from the same lack of training as did the social workers in Bakersfield.  Sandra Glenney , especially, seems obsessed with finding abuse not the truth. Glenney is fanatical in her beliefs , to the point of being a zealot.  She had little regard for the truth , very similar to Ed Jagels.  Glenney presses with a case despite a complete lack of evidence.

It is important to know the cases of the past and how they started. The majority of the cases are initiated by a mentally disturbed female. In the case of Kern County, it was Mary Ann Barbour.  She is the prototype of the false accuser , she suffered from a diagnosed mental health problems.  I highly doubt if Glenney, Warhol or Grunewald are aware of the case of the 80′s. The more you know will  you in Court,




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