Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney, Ellen Grunewald, Monica Zveare are horrible


tonya craft

The above book which was recently released , details  the true story of trial of Tonya Craft.  Things are bad in Loudoun, our assistant County Attorney , Sandra Glenney, is a disgrace and should be removed immediately from office.  Ellen Grunewald, director of Social Services in Loudoun, is equally dishonest.    Grunewald and Glenney  have  been known bend and break the rules.  We have a pathetic situation in Loudoun. The hired psychologists that are used by Glenney are the absolute bottom of the barrel.

The locality that Tonya Craft was tried in,  rivals Loudoun in so many ways. William Anderson does an excellent job of describing her ordeal in the following article.  Ms. Craft’s case had it all, corrupt prosecutors (Sandra Glenney in Loudoun) and lying witnesses (Monica and Christopher Zveare in Loudoun).  I highly recommend the book ,primarily because it resembles the way cases are handled in Loudoun. The cases in Loudoun are turned into a Kangaroo Court by the ever incompetent Sandra Glenney; she  is a disgrace to the legal system.

William Anderson makes very poignant statements that aptly describe the issues with CPS.

“Child Protective Service workers, state-employed “therapists,” and other so-called forensic investigators found that if they worked with any child long enough, they could convince that child to testify against someone accused of molesting them, no matter if it happened or not. Want someone to disappear? Accuse that person of child molestation, and then watch the “justice” system go to work.”

This is a very accurate statement that is typical of what happens in Loudoun Once a false accusation is made by someone like Monica Zveare the gears of justice begin to turn. A child will be interviewed repeatedly  and begin therapy with a hired gun psychologist chosen by Sandra Glenney. If there is any proof that Sandra Glenney is troubled, it is her choice of therapists. Most notably, Dr. Mary Lindahl of Alexandria,  VA.  and Dr. William  Ling are  favorites of Glenney as well. Glenney has also been known associate with therapists from the very fringe and discredited organization of the International Society Study for the Study of  Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD). Please check out the ISSTD they believe in very ridiculous and bizarre therapy.

Glenney much like the prosecutors in Ms. Craft’s case will do anything to win her case. She will condone the behavior of the social workers and the psychologists. She will also protect the social worker and psychologist no matter how horrid their behavior.

Mr. Anderson also delves into the “why” of these cases. He makes a good point.

“It took nearly two decades, but finally someone in the media, Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal, took on these fraudulent cases, debunking them in articles and editorial columns, and finally winning a Pulitzer Prize for her efforts. One of the things Rabinowitz exposed was that states and judicial districts that pursued these cases received large sums of federal money, and the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit, where Craft was charged and tried, was one of the recipient bodies of that money.”

In the end, Tonya Craft was exonerated mainly because the idiocy of the expert witnesses for the prosecution was exposed during the trial. Much like in Loudoun, the witnesses  for Sandra Glenney are usually below par.  The Craft case exposed the corruption of the agency in her County ,  we need to expose the corruption of the agency in Loudoun.


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