Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney and Dr. Mary Lindahl – Salem Witch trials




Some people were born out of time and they practice their profession out of time. Dr. Mary Lindahl and Sandra Glenney perhaps fit this description. They would have been  better suited to practice their craft during the Salem Witch trials. During the witch trials no real evidence was presented , only hearsay evidence. This is exactly what happens during a Child Protection Case, no real evidence is ever presented.  Glenney depends on the extremely low burden of proof that is required in CPS case. She will use this to her advantage.

In today’s modern Court Room, at least as far as Sandra Glenney goes, the scenes that played out in Salem are playing out today. Back in Salem , spectral evidence was allowed  to convict and tragically murder innocent people. As way of background information, spectral evidence consisted of the accused’s spirit attacking the accuser. No evidence, other than the testimony of the accuser. This is all that was needed to destroy the life of an innocent person.

Fast forward to today within the Loudoun County Court system , psychological testimony has replaced spectral evidence. In false accusations cases, the only evidence that will be presented is hearsay testimony. Sandra Glenney will not take the chance of allowing your child to testify. It is to risky for her case and she knows it. Glenney will flood the docket with motions for a Court ordered evaluation by her chosen psychologist  to determine whether or not your child can testify. There is a very good chance that her chosen psychologist will testify that your child will not be able to testify. This is by design, the last thing Glenney wants is for your child to state in the Courtroom that nothing happened.

These are the same tactics used  during the Salem Witch trials, in fact the accused in Salem could not present  witnesses for their defense. Instead they were asked why do you stand accused or another variation of the same question was how do you explain the accusation. Today in a fraudulent case instigated by Sandra Glenney, the accused will be asked why is your child saying things, does you have an explanation of why he or she would say such things. The years have changed but not the tactics.

In modern times, we have progressed to the point that we know witches do not exist nor have they ever existed.   When examining the Salem Witch trials it is obvious that innocent people were accused and some tragically executed.  It is also obvious that it was Court sanctioned and ignorance ruled the day. Unfortunately, as long as Sandra Glenney remains in her position the witch hunts will continue and innocent parents will be targeted.




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