Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney , Dr. Mary Lindahl, Monica Zveare





When dealing with Sandra Glenney and one of her favorite psychologist, it is critical to be armed with information. You cannot separate Glenney from Lindahl, they need each other. Glenney recommends clients to Lindahl and in return Lindahl provides testimony for Glenney.  Amazingly, Lindahl seems to testify to exactly what Glenney wants,  Glenney has a perfect batting average with Lindahl.

As you navigate your way through the numerous hearings, information is your best defense. You have to understand , Sandra Glenney has no critical thinking skills and will believe any outrageous claim of abuse. You need to be armed with information that discredits Glenney and Lindahl. Most attorneys in Loudoun are leery of Glenney, with good reason. They realize that she took that position within the County due to her lackluster skills.

The County will attempt at all costs to suppress any evidence that points to the innocence of the accused. This includes the latest research on abuse accusations and false accusations. If there is any research that contradicts Lindahl’s testimony , Glenney will object strenuously.  It is extremely simple to out think Glenney in the Courtroom, but you have to be prepared; know your research.

The following article written by  Maurice Chamma is an excellent resource. The article details case where the alleged victim recants and the ineptness of the Courts in understanding the issues of recanting. Speaking of recanting, this is a concept that Dr. Lindahl does not understand at all,  she is completely devoid of any lucid understanding of the concept. Her understanding is so lacking that she failed and will continue to fail to report recantings.  It goes without saying that Sandra Glenny suffers from a greater lack of understanding. When a child recants it is devastating to Glenney’s case , as it displays that she was tricked by the accusing parent.

An interesting point concerning Dr. Lindahl is that she actually violates what is recommended in the Social Worker training guide CWS 2031. When a child recants to a social worker or an alleged professional like Lindahl, it should be reported; not so in Loudoun County. The local CPS agency is backwards and ignorant, it ignores the guidelines.

The article by Chamma does a very thorough job of examining child victims who later recanted. The following excerpt is such a very true statement.

In many of these tapes the interviewer is the star of the show and the kid is just confused.” The interviewers often “believe you can never be too aggressive in serving the interests of children.”

Typically, the accusing parent will interrogate the child for a lengthy period of time and then the child will have to endure a lengthy interrogation by a very inept Loudoun County CPS worker and very biased representative from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office. The child will then be exposed to more interviews with alleged professionals from Loudoun County Mental Health.

The accusing parent will pepper the child with questions until the child states what the parent wants to hear.  The following statement from another piece by Chammah is very revealing and true.

The psychologist also said “false allegations are more likely to come from parents …particularly if there are custody issues involved,”

This is a well understood facts, custody disputes are a breeding ground for false accusations. Monica Zveare is the poster child for an accusing parent, she made at least one false accusation per year for 3 straight years. Incredibly, this did not alert or trigger any kind of skepticism on behalf of Glenney.

When dealing with Loudoun County, you will be interacting with the bottom of the barrel. There main goal is to find abuse not the truth.  If you closely examine their leader ship  which consists of Sandra Glenney, Laurie Warhol and Ellen Grunewald, it can be argued that the agency is ran by women who are religious zealots who live in a demon- haunted world.  They do circle the wagons to protect each other. Intellectually they are light weights.






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