Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney and Dr. Lindahl part 1




The strategy employed by Sandra Glenney is simple and has been heavily used in many states and counties. The strategy dates back to the Satanic Panic of the 80′s.  The strategy is a follows, cases that involve accusations of sexual abuse of a child , if they are false, will have no physical evidence to support them.  Subsequently, no criminal changes will be filed. The case will then be in the domain of Child Protective Services, enter Sandra Glenney and her psychologists. In the absence of physical evidence, enter the psychologists; enter Dr. Mary Lindahl.  Please keep in mind that an attorney, Sandra Glenney, who makes $106,000 per year, will be the ringleader of the circus.

The attached transcript  clearly demonstrates what is a typical move by  Sandra Glenney and the  psychologist. I cannot state it enough, your biggest obstacle in dealing with Sandra Glenney is her chosen psychologist.  The first step in the strategy is for Glenney to cut of all contact between you and your child and to place your child into therapy. However it isn’t therapy, it is disguised as therapy. The sole purpose of the therapist is to obtain a disclosure from your child.

The therapist will question your child until a disclosure is made. In the case of Dr. Mary Lindahl, all other information is ignored,  even when the child states directly  and emphatically to Dr. Lindahl that nothing happened; multiple times on different dates.  A disclosure is obtained at all costs no mater what.  This is what Sandra Glenney wants and expects from her chosen psychologist. Another crucial strategic step in the strategy as revealed in the transcript attached above,  is that Glenney will try to keep any and all information regarding the therapy sessions from you and your attorney.  This will allow her to conduct “trial by ambush”  during a hearing. It will also allows professionals such as Dr. Mary Lindahl to testify to anything that she wants to . You must get the notes from the therapy sessions.

In this particular case , that relates to the transcript, the child recanted several times prior to the hearing but Dr. Lindahl withheld the retractions from the Court for nearly two years.  If the attorney for the accused would have obtained the notes, Lindahl could have been questioned properly by the attorney. Sadly, the notes were not obtained and Dr. Lindahl was given free reign with her testimony.

The strategy involves much deception concerning the therapy sessions. The counter to this is to get the therapist’s notes. Glenney and the psychologist will deny the request , you and your attorney will have to file a motion to force the release of the notes, do it.  A word of advice, if your attorney doesn’t feel the need to obtain the notes, consider changing attorneys, the notes are critical.  The failure to realize the importance of the notes, suggests an incompetent attorney. Dr. Mary Lindahl’s behavior in this case was consistent for years, she consistently catered to the wishes of Sandra Glenney throughout the whole case.  Your attorney must obtain the notes and obtain discovery of the therapy sessions.

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