Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney and CPS aren’t aware of the past



Sandra Glenney and Loudoun County Protective Services acts as if there isn’t a a great deal of research on Child Suggestibility and the mistakes of the cases of the 80′s and 90′s. They are oblivious to it. It is worth noting that nowhere in the training material for a CPS Social Worker and Investigator exists any in-depth discussion concerning the previous cases of the past.

Glenney does what she does out of political motivation and self-interests.  She needs her position at the County Attorney’s office, she maintains that position by engineering abuse cases at taxpayers expense.  With that said, there was a very unique case in the 80′s in which the State did the right thing and decided not to pursue charges in one of the many ritual abuse cases in the 80′s. This took place in Jordan Minnesota, the case was originally handled by Minnesota’s version of Sandra Glenney,  Kathleen Morris. One difference between Morris and Glenney is that the voters had the ability to vote Morris out of office, we appear to be stuck with Glenney.

Please google the “Jordan Minnesota case” to read the details. One of the more interesting points of the case is the creation of the Humphrey Report.  The report details the issues and problems with the original investigation. It was conducted by the Attorney General of Minnesota, Hubert M. Humphrey III. The report says quite a bit , the part that will aide you in dealing with Glenney and CPS can be found on page 9 “Repeated Questioning and Lack of Reports”.  This is one of Glenney’s infamous tricks, on paper and in Court, Glenney will state that the child has been interviewed only once. This is not the case.

Your child will be interviewed once by a detective and social worker, will then be seen by someone from Loudoun County Mental Health and then will be seen by Sandra Glenney. This is multiple interviews.  Your child may also be interviewed by the Guardian Ad Litem.  Initially your child we be exposed to three of four interviews not including the questioning from the accusing parent.  Glenney will claim in Court that your child has been interviewed only once, this is a falsity.

From the report.

“The central problem with which state and federal investigators were confronted when conducting their investigation was that many of the children had been questioned about sex abuse a large number at times. A therapist’s report in February, 1984, notes one child who had already been interviewed by nine individuals about the alleged abuse. The mother of another child indicated that her daughter had been interviewed at least thirty and possibly as many as fifty times by law enforcement or Scott County authorities. A number of other children also were repeatedly interviewed”

“ According to experts, children may interpret repeated interviews as demands for more or different information than they have already given”


Please read this report, you and your attorney need to establish the number of times your child has been interviewed and by who. This includes the initial interview with the social worker,  Loudoun County mental health , the accusing parent  and Sandra Glenney. You need to establish the fact in Court and state the research concerning multiple interviews in Court. I can assure you Glenney nor anyone from Loudoun County has read the Humphrey report.


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