Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney , Benjamin Smith and CPS haven't learned anything



In Loudoun County , as far as Loudoun County Child Protective Services go , it is the same old thing. Benjamin Smith, former Loudoun CPS worker, is your typical dishonest and poorly trained social worker.  Reading the very tragic cases of the 80′s and 90′s and the innocent people who were caught during that time frame is disheartening.  It is more disheartening in that Loudoun CPS hasn’t learned anything from those cases. So many cases stand out but the case of Margaret Kelly  Michaels looms very large.


Just like Benjamin Smith, the Michaels case also had a very incompetent and dishonest Social Worker, Lou Fonolleras. From the link above

“The first allegation in this case was made on April 30, 1985.  On May 1, 1985, the Essex County Prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation:  between May 2 and May 8, they interviewed five children and four parents.  There are no electronic copies of these interviews.  Between May 22 and July 8, 1985, Lou Fonolleras, an investigator from DYFS, conducted 82 interviews with Wee Care children and 19 interviews with their parents.  None of the interviews were taped before June 19; less than half of the children’s interviews and none of the parents’ interviews were recorded.  In addition, most of the other interviews are not recorded (1985-present).  There are no recorded interviews with 16C, the child who made the initial allegation.  Many of Treacy’s interviews were not recorded.”

Benjamin Smith , was also very adept at concealing important information. His favorite  is withholding information concerning the accusing parent. Social workers like Smith will conceal evidence, overall Loudoun CPS will conceal information.   Overall, Loudoun CPS will typically avoid document any information that does not comport with their narrative.   They will especially avoid audio or video recordings of any meetings with your child. Also, Social Workers do not like to be taped audio or video. Benjamin Smith is the poster child for this.

Record all of your conversations with the social worker and CPS management.


Loudoun CPS - Sandra Glenney , Benjamin Smith and CPS haven't learned anything