Loudoun CPS – Questions for Dr. Mary Lindahl


It is critical to realize the truth  concerning a CPS investigation,  the goal of the investigation is to find abuse and not the truth.  A critical component of the investigation is the chosen psychologist who will testify for  CPS, in actuality the psychologist is chosen by Sandra Glenney. The psychologist, whoever it might be is chosen for a reason;  the reason being to assist Sandra Glenney in winning the case for the county.

Please remember the psychologist who is hired will have testified many times in Court, they will be a pro at it.  The judge may value their opinion in Court. Currently in Loudoun Dr. Mary Lindahl, Dr. Christopher Lane, Dr. William Ling . You and your attorney will need to  critically test their opinions

With all this said, the outcome of your case is going to center on the testimony of their expert witness. The expert witness will be a psychologist, such as Dr. Mary Lindahl, the psychologist will have a long history with the agency. The psychologist’s main directive is to assist CPS,mainly Glenney, they are not concerned with your child’s well-being. This post will suggest questions that will aid your attorney in discrediting their expert such as Dr. Mary Lindahl.

Question 1: How many times have you testified as an expert witness for Loudoun County?

Question 2: Have you ever testified that in your opinion abuse has not occurred?

Question 3: Have you ever published any peer-reviewed article?

Question 4: What was the name of the article and the publication that printed it?

You and your attorney will want to obtain this article.


Question 5: During the course of that article , did you work with or receive any data from anyone from Loudoun County?

Question 6: Who contacted you initially for your services on this case?

Question 7: How many conversations have you had with the accusing parent up to this point?

Question 8: Are you willing to meet with my client in a clinical session to ascertain more information?

Question 9: If there are any important disclosures and recantation will you share this with all Counsel in this matter?

Question 10: This question is specifically for Dr. Lindahl. In your opinion what constitutes the recanting of abuse?

Question 11: Have you ever in the past not reported the recanting of abuse by a child?

Question 12: If a child recants who would you normally report it to, would you report it to Sandra Glenney or someone from CPS.?

Question 13: Do you confer with other professionals on a case such as Dr. Christopher Lane or Lisa Hunt.?

Question 14: What are your thoughts on child suggestibility?

Question 15: What are your thoughts on recovered memory therapy? More questions for Dr. Lindahl, will be posted shortly?

Question 16: Have you had any formal complaints made against you to the Virginia Board of Psychology?

— In the case of Dr. Lindahl she has had complaints made against her for failing to disclose important during multiple hearings.

Question 17: If yes, what was the substance of the complaint?

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