Loudoun CPS - How to question Sandra Glenney's psychologist

abuse of innocence



It is critical that you understand how to question the psychologist chosen by Sandra Glenney. The below statement is accurate and should be taken to heart, from page 321 of the “Abuse of Innocence”,  it is important to keep this in mind. Let the below statement be your guide when your attorney is questioning Sandra Glenney’s expert witness; Sandra Glenney is CPS. CPS does not make any moves without them first being approved by Sandra Glenney. This includes the choice of a therapist.

“Psychologists and dogs will do whatever satisfies those who feed them”  Walter Hurst

As far as guidance on how to question Glenney’s expert witness,  please reference the below link.  Attorney Danny Davis did a very thorough job of cross-examining Kee MacFarlane , the lead interviewer of the children in the McMartin case. His goal was to demonstrate that she had not formal training , no guidelines and no science to support her methods.



Loudoun CPS - How to question and view Sandra Glenney's psychologist