Loudoun CPS – Psychologists are essential to their fraud


It cannot be overstated, for Loudoun CPS and Sandra Glenney to commit their fraud and drag innocent parents through the Loudoun County Court System certain items have to be in place. Ms. Glenney needs and requires a Guardian Ad Litem who will see things her way; one who will not conduct an independent investigation. Loudoun CPS operates autonomous of the facts; they need others who will do the same.

The most critical element in a CPS case is the psychologist, hand-picked by Sandra Glenney. A psychologist who and will see things Glenney’s way. It is important to know what questions to ask of Glenney’s professional, it is also required for you and your attorney to know what to expect. The psychologist plays a critical role in case, it is important for their psychologist to be debunked.

  • Do expect accusations and wild claims to grow under the guidance of the CPS/Glenney chosen therapist. The therapists selected by Glenney are typically poorly trained and will do anything to encourage a false accusation. The sessions between your child and their psychologist is designed to produce accusations.
  • Do expect Glenney to oppose any and all subpoenas for the therapist’s notes. You must get the notes.
  • Ask the psychologist, under oath, how he or she became assigned to the case, establish the fact that the psychologist has a close relationship with CPS and Glenney.
  • Do expect the CPS investigator to be biased and hide evidence. You must file multiple FOIA requests to obtain any and all notes related to your case. One of the most notorious CPS investigators was Benjamin Smith who is no longer with CPS.
  • Do expect to the Guardian Ad Litem to be solidly in the corner of Sandra Glenney. Do not expect the Guardian Ad Litem to conduct an independent investigation.
  • Do realize Sandra Glenney has a special relationship with CPS and she will direct them as to what evidence to release.
  • If the police were involved, subpoena the notes of the police investigator.

The following is what you and your attorney must do.

Do subpoena the psychologist’s notes, this is critical. The Glenney chosen psychologist will not reveal any retractions.

Do become familiar with all the latest research concerning false allegations. A favorite question of Sandra Glenney that is posed to the accused is “How do you explain the allegations”. The accused needs to be familiar with the most infamous cases of the past such as the McMartin Scandal and the Kelley Michaels case.

Do watch the original interview conducted by CPS of your child; review the video for leading questions. CPS workers are required to have a bachelors degree and take a few required classes; they are poorly trained. Note any leading questions and retractions during the video.

Do contact your child’s teachers, daycare providers and pediatrician. You will need their testimony to discredit Glenney’s psychologists. Glenney will attempt to prevent you from calling any witnesses especially the pediatrician. In a Court a medical doctor’s testimony carries much more weight than a psychologist. Psychology is considered junk science by many. Glenney will oppose this testimony vehemently.

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