Loudoun CPS – How to prepare for Loudoun CPS and Sandra Glenney



If there is any organization within Loudoun County that attempts to remain hidden from public view it is Loudoun County Child Protective Services.  So little is known about how CPS operates for a reason. The public face of CPS is that it is a defender of children and families, the real organization is one of incompetent professionals who would find it difficult to gain employment in any other profession.

Loudoun CPS consists of a network of therapists whose financial viability depends on CPS. I believe Sandra Glenney pays $150 per hour to any professional who will testify for her. In Loudoun,  Sandra Glenney is the ringleader. Behinds the scenes she is hand-picking the therapist and ensuring that your child will produce a disclosure, the holy grail of Child Protection Services.  Glenney and CPS operate on a very singular blueprint.

It is important and useful to know how this came to be. The book Satan’s Silence by Debbie Nathan is an excellent source for you to understand how CPS agencies across the Country operate. Mrs. Nathan does a most excellent job of describing the most horrendous cases of the past such as the Little Rascals Case and the McMartin Scandal. More importantly she explores the therapists and social workers that  produced the disclosures of the children,

The book is a resource that you cannot be without. From reading the book, you will gain a better understanding of the philosophy and tactics of most agencies and the therapists who work for them. You will also educate yourself to the willingness of those in authority to conceal evidence from you and your attorney. Glenney and Loudoun CPS is very adept at this.

The book is highly recommended for the accused and their attorney.

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  1. Anonymous

    These posts are all so true, my boyfriend is going through all this and turning at me! Insane and what they are doing is insane


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