Loudoun CPS - Monica Zveare


Monica Zveare is a prime example of why it is imperative to obtain all of the notes that contains the statements made by the accuser. This will entail your attorney aggressively issuing subpoena’s for all CPS records. In the case of Monica Zveare,  a very simple review of her statements made to CPS would reveal a troubled  state of mind. Keep in mind, Sandra Glenney and CPS will have a goal of preserving the character of the accusing parent. This may take the form of Glenney attempting to quash the subpoena. Your attorney needs to be vigorous in their attempt to obtain all of the statements made by the accusers. This includes emails, handwritten notes by CPS and official notes in the OASIS system. In the case of  Monica Zveare , her statements were bizarre and untruthful.

Zveare made statements to a CPS Social Worker that a child was talking to the sandman and the invisible man and that  they were telling the child to do bad things. These statements should have given pause to the social  worker, should have but didn’t. Social worker Rina Arita believed the statements without any scrutiny, This is typical of Loudoun County social workers , they will simply believe the accusers, they will always believe the accuser. You have to question the critical thinking skills of Rina Arita. This applies to all social workers employed within Loudoun County Child Protective Services.

Per Zveare, the child said “God is dead”. The child also said “I hate God and I love the devil.”  It is pretty obvious that all the statements were coming from Monica Zveare and not the child. CPS workers , such as Rina Arita will consistently believe the false accuser.notice how Monica Zveare mentioned the devil , the sandman and the invisible man. This is incredibly similar to statements made during the Salem Witch trials. This language did not even give Rina Arita or Sandra Glenney pause , that Ms. Zveare might be lying or suffering from mental instability.

In most Courtrooms, talk about the devil, sandman or the invisible man would impeach the credibility of the accuser. This is not the case when Sandra Glenney is involved. It is a complete kangaroo court.


Loudoun CPS - Monica Zveare