Loudoun CPS – Monica Zveare the typical false accuser



The world is a scary place for those who live in a demon haunted world.  A demon haunted world is a world in which malicious gods or demons are about seeking to inflict pain and suffering among us mere mortals. It is an incredibly incoherent  perception of the world.  Those who live in a demon haunted world are afraid, they are afraid of essentially everything.  Many organizations and professions prey and take advantage of those who live in the demon haunted world. Psychology, psychics, religious leaders etc.. are the worse offenders. However, psychology is much more venal . Some practitioners of psychology use their testimony as a harmful weapon.

Psychology  disguises itself as science with the ability to assist those who seek help from it.  I need to clarify here that not all psychologists are bad, some strive to themselves in a very scientific manner.  Unfortunately, those who strive to do the right thing are woefully low in number. Typically the less qualified psychologist often testify for Loudoun CPS and Sandra Glenney.

Loudoun County CPS,  under the misdirected guidance of Ellen Grunewald, shares the guilt equally with psychologists. CPS thrives and finances itself through the delusions of falsely accusing parents, CPS needs the false accuser to stay in business.  CPS also requires the assistance and testimony of its hand-picked psychologists. Dr. Mary Lindahl , Lisa Hunt and Dr. William Ling often testify for Loudoun CPS . Keep this in mind if you ever become involved with CPS.

Have you even known someone who overly reacts to situations and does not have the ability to shrug events off or even worse,  associates an event within a religious context. This aptly describes the perfect false accuser for CPS. The false accuser lives in a demon haunted world, the false accuser will view the other parent as essentially evil. There is no middle ground. This aptly describes false accuser, Monica Zveare. Zveare made at minimum 4 calls to CPS ranging from neglect to all types of abuses , including drugging.

The combination of a false accuser, Sandra Glenney,  Dr. Mary Lindahl and the complete ineptness of Child Protective Services are fertile grounds for false accusations.  Sandra Glenney nor CPS has any ability to differentiate between true and false allegations.  Pursuing allegations of abuse, even false is financially beneficial to Sandra Glenney and her psychologist. It is also beneficial to the accusing parent.

It has very negative and enduring consequences for the child. In the previous posts, the child is subject to numerous interviews with very incompetent investigators. False accusations are very damaging with long-lasting consequences. Normally the accusing parent is very mentally unstable and the child is forced to live within that environment with the unstable parent.

As said before, Sandra Glenney and Dr. Mary Lindahl depend upon the false accuser.  The reasons are financial, it has nothing to do with protecting the child.

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