Loudoun CPS – Monica and Christopher Zveare




The similarities between a case involving Monica and Christopher Zveare and the Ray Spencer case is striking.  Both cases involved intentional false accusations and withheld evidence.  The Zveare’s knowingly fabricated false accusations just like Ray Spencer’s ex-spouse.  The Ray Spencer case is described here. The Zveare’s case differs in one aspect, the internet. It is almost impossible today to out run or escape the internet. When Mr. Spencer was sentenced it was easier for the authorities to suppress facts. In the Zveare case , a multitude of documents exists  to prove the Zveare’s made false statements on several occasions.

In both cases the authorities enabled the false accusers.  As far as the Zveare’s are concerned, Loudoun CPS and Dr. Mary Lindahl withheld critical evidence from the Court. In the case of Spencer, his accusing ex-spouse was dating the lead detective in the case.  Both cases have one thing in common, an ex-spouse used the courts to remove a parent from a child’s life through deception and perjury. Christopher and Monica Zveare are well adept at perjury.

The Spencer case demonstrates what happens during a false accusations case. The children grow up with doubts. Doubts  of whether or not the abuse occurred because they can’t remember.  They can’t remember, because nothing happened they were told they were abused. In the case of Monica Zveare, it is painfully obvious that Ms. Zveare are Dr. Mary Lindahl implanted false memories.

The Spencer case represents the Zveare’s worse nightmare . a child that reaches out to the accused parent to learn the truth.

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