Loudoun CPS - "The innocent and the damned"



You and your attorney need to realize  false accusations are from a parent who is either mentally unbalanced or wants to gain an advantage during a custody case.  Your attorney needs to accept it and approach it from this perspective. It is also important to realize that Loudoun CPS and Sandra Glenney have no ability to decipher between truth and fiction. They are trained to find abuse, they need to find abuse to justify their employment and salary. Sandra Glenney justifies her expense to the County by believing absurd claims of abuse.

Now with that said, the following article written by Gary Cartwright concerning the Dan And Fran Keller case  Texas is excellent with very  good points; it should be read by you and your attorney. The article lists the four red flags that indicate false accusations.  You and your attorney need to remember the four points. Why, it is simple Sandra  Glenney and CPS are not aware of any of this type of research. Glenney especially, your attorney needs to realize Glenney does not seek the truth she merely wants to find abuse. She will find a psychologist to substantiate her belief.


Austin therapist Vivian Lewis Heine, who has testified an estimated five hundred times in child abuse cases (almost always for the prosecution), told me that young children hardly ever give false accusations without the influence of an adult. “The majority of the time when a child falsely accuses someone,” Lewis Heine said, “there’s a co-conspirator. It’s usually a parent involved in a divorce case or an adult who had post-traumatic stress disorder, someone who was either abused as a child or believes she was abused.” She cited an article in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry that listed four warning signs of false accusation: (1) the presence of post-traumatic stress disorder in the adult, (2) the presence of serious psychiatric disorder in a parent and evidence of a disturbed mother-child relationship, (3) an ongoing custody dispute, and (4) a professional committed prematurely to the truth of the allegation. Three of the four warning signs were clearly evident in the Keller case. – See more at: http://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/the-innocent-and-the-damned/#sthash.i80jAH4l.dpuf

The points mentioned are very critical, please take note that the falsely accusing parent will normally have a mental disorder whether it be from depression or PTSD. Your attorney needs to delve into the mental health history of the accusing parent, I assure you that Sandra Glenney will not,  Glenney will go to great lengths to shield the accusing parent from any serious inquiry. Ensure that you petition the court for the accusing parent to have a mental health evaluation, Glenney will dispute this adamantly. Please take not of number 4 , a professional who is committed to the truth of the allegation. This is where Glenney excels, she has a Rolodex of psychologists who will whore themselves out for $150 per hour.

There will always be an underlying custody issue, the issues do not have to be a Court matter it could be related to daycare issues, pick-up times , anything  that the accusing parent is unhappy with and is trying to change. Notify your attorney of any ongoing disagreement, It is free of charge to make a false accusation of abuse than it is to pay attorney fees. Once a false accusation made, the accusing parent only has to sit back and watch the Court got  to work.


Loudoun CPS - The innocent and the damned