Loudoun CPS – Implanted memories and mental health professionals



Loudoun Child Protective Services is a horrid organization that is poorly managed , from Ellen Grunewald to Laurie Warhol. To the mix you add very poor and antiquated training for the CPS investigators. If this combination isn’t bad enough, next throw in Sandra Glenney, who will sink to any level to win her case ; regardless of the facts. On top of this nightmarish combination , there are the mental health professionals who testify on behalf of CPS .

The 80′s and the Satanic Panic are behind us, numerous convictions have been overturned. However remnants of the 80′s persist,  especially within Loudoun CPS,   the typical CPS investigator and Sandra Glenney will believe any claim of abuse. To the dismay of  parents , Child Protective Services hasn’t modified its perspective or tactics. This is overwhelmingly true in Loudoun. The following article written by Chris French makes a very salient point.


One serious problem appears to be that many people mistakenly believe that the false memory controversy is “yesterday’s news”. They are aware that there was a huge increase in such allegations back in the 1980s and 1990s. They may even be aware that many professionals and academics have reacted against such claims, most notably Elizabeth Loftus, whose pioneering work in this area has done more to increase our understanding of the true nature of false memories than any other scientist. But it is simply not the case that this is a dead issue.

You and your attorney have to understand that the Loudoun CPS workers know nothing of the cases in the 80′s or the research that resulted from those cases.  In Sandra Glenney’s mind, the Satanic Panic and Satanic Cults rages on. This applies to the therapist that Glenney will utilize. Everyone associated with CPS is poorly trained.  Take a look at some of the CPS documentation on this website, it speaks for itself , they simply do not have the critical thinking skills or training to detected or identify true or false accusations.

When your child interviews with Glenney’s chosen psychologist, that psychologist’s job is to obtain the holy grail of CPS, a disclosure of abuse.  I a specific case involving Dr. Mary Lindahl, it took Lindahl three months to obtain a disclosure but she got it. I that three months the child was adamant that nothing happened. However, Glenney’s therapist do not take no for an answer.


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