Loudoun CPS – The fraud and dishonesty starts from the top


The following article concerning the recent fine against the Virginia Department of Social Services is quite revealing. VDSS has agreed to pay a fine of $7.1 million for fraud in the SNAP program management.  The following from the article illustrates the problem.  VDSS fabricated a false error rate in order to receive federal bonuses.

“DSS also admitted that if its quality control staff “could not find a way to make a benefits decision correct,” they were instructed to “find a reason to ‘drop’ the case, or eliminate it from the sample.” VDSS acknowledged that this outcome-driven method, as implemented by VDSS between 2010 and 2015, “injected bias into the case review process” because it was designed to lower VDSS’s reported error rate by falsely reporting errors as “correct” or eliminating them from the sample. Through its use of these biased methods, VDSS was improperly awarded USDA performance bonuses for 2011, 2012, and 2013.”

It is apparent and clear that the Virginia Department of Social Services will do anything to justify its decisions , even lie.  This is at the State level, imagine at the local level.  Imagine what it is like in Loudoun under the guidance of Sandra Glenney. , if the at the State level cheating is encouraged.  According to the agreement with the DOJ, cheating is strongly encouraged at the State level.

Sandra Glenney and her minions have the same win at all costs mentality.

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