Loudoun CPS – The experts (hired guns) for Sandra Glenney and CPS



The following article superbly written by Radley Balko appropriately describes the issues with the expert witnesses hired by the State or the County. Normally the expert witness is an extension of the prosecution team and is not based on objective science. The following statement describes the issue “And while the criminal justice system can’t seem to keep bad science out of its courtrooms during trial, once someone has been convicted, the same system then puts a premium on the “finality” of a guilty verdict”.  In short the accused can be convicted due to junk science but once the science is debunked,  it is difficult to overturn the conviction or finding. Lets break this statement down. “The criminal justice system can’t’ seem to bad science out of its courtrooms during trial”. This is a very woeful situation for the Courts.

This statement applies to Sandra Glenney and to Loudoun County. There are no more abhorrent practitioners of junk science than Sandra Glenney’s psychologists. In Loudoun the statement could easily be read as fraudulent  psychological testimony cannot be kept out of a Loudoun County Courtroom. Sandra Glenney is the one responsible for bringing this fraudulent testimony into the Courtroom.  Sadly, the Judges in Loudoun are not experts in psychology and have difficulty in deciphering science from junk science. Glenney and CPS excel in junk science; their formal training is steeped in it. If the accused is not aware of the very low quality of the psychologists used by Glenney, one can easily be found as abusing their child. This will be due in large part to the  very questionable testimony by Glenney’s expert witness. Once a finding is made it is very difficult to have it overturned. Judges are evaluated every six years, they realize that they cannot rule against the County to often. Also most Judges come from the Commonwealth’s attorney office, they sympathize with Sandra Glenney.

The same psychologists are consistently  recycled in the Courtroom in Loudoun . Normally it will be Dr. Mary Lindahl, Dr. Christopher Lane, Dr. Stacy Hoffman, Dr. William Ling or Dr. Eliana Gil.  Be aware that the psychologist chosen for your case, will have a very strong relationship with CPS and have many hearings under their belt; they know how to testify. Keep in mind no reputable psychologist will ever testify for CPS .

Much like the article written by Mr. Balko in which it states concerning Steven Hayne (pictured above), prosecutors are closely attached to their expert witnesses. Why you ask, they are confident that the expert witness will testify exactly as they desire. It is the same with Sandra Glenney, she is closely attached to her expert witnesses.  Glenney is quite certain of how the expert witness will testify, Sandra Glenney is also certain that the therapist who is working for CPS will ensure that no information is released that may damage her case. Do you think Sandra Glenney would hire anyone that may for an instance disagree with Glenney or CPS?

During the entire Court proceedings , you must be aware of your time constraints. Glenney is full aware of how the clock works. With investigators of the quality of Benjamin Smith, the investigation will be one-sided and quite dishonest.  Timing is very critical in a CPS case, for instance CPS doesn’t have to reveal any evidence until 45 days after the case starts. From the beginning you have no access to any information, reminiscent of the Salem Witch trials. The evidence that is released, is reviewed by Sandra Glenney before it is released. You have limited time to enter your evidence into the record, you have to move quickly.

In criminal and civil cases, junk science is allowed in the Courtroom and the Courts can’t seem to keep it out. In Loudoun County it is debatable that the Judges want to keep it. It is more politically expedient just to go along with Sandra Glenney.

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