Loudoun CPS - Dr. Mary Lindahl and retractions


Dr. Mary Lindahl is a prime example of why, if falsely  accused of child sexual abuse,  your attorney must get the treatment notes. The following ebook ”Has a child been molested” perfectly lays out what happens in therapy when a therapists believes abuse has taken place (page 92) . According to Dr. Mary Lidahl of Alexandra, Virginia, a retraction is not an inconsistency. At least that was  her under oath testimony in a case in Loudoun County.  In a subsequent deposition Dr. Lindahl stated that retractions are common and is not something that would be hidden. Interestingly enough Dr. Lindahl did attempt to conceal the retractions. Taken  from the book “Has a child been molested”.

“Every effort must be made to obtain the records of such therapy, given that therapists in these circumstances usually assume abuse occured and then tailor therapy to encourage the child to describe abuse experiences. Such therapists, in other words, take on the role of investigators, but unless records of the therapy are obtained, studied, and made a part of the trial, the potential impact of therapy on a child’s reliability will be hidden from a jury.
When such records are carefully studied, it may emerge that only with the onset of therapy, with its repeated message that the child has been victimized and perhaps is still in danger, did the child begin to show the symptoms described later as having resulted from sexual abuse. When a child is repeatedly reassured that he or she will be protected and is therefore safe to “tell the secret,” and is then asked if the alleged perpetrator threatened to harm or even kill the child if the secret is revealed, should we be surprised if the child responds to such therapy with the onset of fears, nightmares, clinging behavior and other symptoms of anxiety”

The above two paragraphs aptly described Dr. Lindahl’s approach to therapy in a recent case in Loudoun County. Despite numerous retractions , Dr. Lindahl decided to withhold the retractions from the Court throughout multiple hearings.  She only withheld the retractions because her notes were not subpoenaed.  Obtaining the notes will allow your attorney and expert to examine how the therapy has been conducted.

Also, Dr. Lindahl and Sandra Glenney took advantage of the notes not being available to the accused. It cannot be stressed enough, that your attorney must get the notes from your child’s therapy sessions.  In a  CPS case, the therapist will be allowed to testify to what your child said . Your child will more than likely not testify, the statements that your child “allegedly” made in therapy will be allowed in through the testimony of the therapist.  Remember , the therapist who testifies for CPS will assume that abuse occurred.


Loudoun CPS - Dr. Mary Lindahl and retractions