Loudoun CPS – CPS workers are poorly trained part 3


This post will concern itself with what Loudoun CPS believes is problematic behavior for a child. Once you find yourself accused, you have to overcome the urge to become emotional but instead buckle down and become familiar with all of the documents of your case. It will be beneficial if your are familiar with the documentation that CPS’s utilizes. Whether or not your abuse is substantiated is simply the opinion of a CPS worker who has a bachelor’s degree and who has taken a few required courses. More than likely CPS will substantiate the abuse, especially if you are a father. They have an inherent bias against fathers.

Keep in mind it is not you, it is CPS that is dysfunctional and dishonest. Once you are  accused you will hear testimony from the accusing parent that your child was exhibiting troublesome behavior weeks or months before the accusations came to light. More than likely the topic of your child touching his or herself will arise as well as the subject of nightmares. Don’t worry this is standard terminology that CPS is probably instructing the other parent to say. I have no doubt that CPS coaches the accusing parent as to what to say.

You combat this with the facts. The following document is from the required training of a CPS investigator. It details what is normal behavior for a child and what isn’t.  The chart specifically pertains to sexualized behavior.  The way the case will precede is as follows, an investigator like the discredited Benjamin Smith will report the behavior of your child as being evidence of abuse. The accusing parent will testify to the same thing as well as the hand-picked psychologist; remember they are functioning as a team. You need the facts to combat their lies.  Please read the attached document, for example children are curious about their bodies; this is typical. CPS will present this curiosity as evidence for abuse. The opposition will attribute any negative behavior that your child exhibits to abuse.

If your child is female they will attempt to argue that previous urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are evidence of abuse. You have to get the testimony of your child’s pediatrician to refute this. It is a good idea to get the pediatrician’s notes as well. This is something the Guardian Ad Litem should be doing, however if your Guardian Ad Litem is Lorrie Sinclair do not expect too much. Also do not be shocked when Sandra Glenney attempts to prevent your attorney from calling the child’s pediatrician. In a recent case Glenney attempted to block the admission of a pediatrician as an expert witness. Remember, Glenney wants to control the narrative; do not let her.





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