Loudoun CPS - CPS Workers are poorly trained and dishonest- part 2

The odds that CPS will substantiate abuse when they are involved in a case is 100 percent, the odds are even higher when the accused is the father. The title specifies Loudoun CPS but this applies to all Child Protective Agencies within Virginia. The culture and beliefs of Loudoun CPS are outdated and biased. They are biased against fathers and the possibility that abuse did not occur; this bias begins with their training. The workers are trained to find sexual abuse, no matter what. The psychologists that are employed, hand-picked being the better word, by CPS will harass and question your child until your child capitulates and tells the psychologist what they want to hear. This same scenario was played out in the 80′s and many of those cases have been overturned but in Virginia we are still stuck in the 80′s. In Loudoun, we have Sandra Glenney who confronted with a lack of evidence depends heavily on her hand-picked psychologist to deal with the lack of evidence. Loudoun County CPS and its management are the absolute bottom of the barrel.


The mandatory training that a CPS worker and investigator receives eliminates any possibility that abuse did not occur and that the accused maybe innocent.  Please remember abuse can be substantiated by a poorly trained and unethical investigator, this is done behind the scenes without the benefit of a jury.   The hand-picked psychologist that CPS hires for $150 per hour will share this view as well. It is sickening and disturbing than an alleged mental health professional will throw away their credibility for $150 an hour.

A very difficult aspect of a sexual abuse investigation is the subject of retractions. In some cases the child will retract the allegations, for many reasons. The retraction could be due to fear or the child may feel guilty for making the accusations. In some cases the child will retract simply because the allegations are not true. The child may have been bullied by another parent into making accusations and simply wants to tell the truth. This possibility is not given an audience by CPS or their psychologists. In their mind a retraction is evidence that abuse did in fact take place.  The investigators do not even pause and reflect to think that a retraction may be valid.

Unfortunately, the required training for a CPS worker does not mention in the documentation that the reason for retractions could be that the accusations are not true, it is not even considered. Per their documentation, retractions are due to the failure of the various professionals to prevent retractions. In the mind of a CPS investigator retractions are indications of abuse. As an example please consider the following excerpt from required training CWS2031 “Sexual Abuse Investigation’:

“Remembering the typical reasons for recantation, we as professionals should strive to prevent our child victims from recanting by keeping in mind the following guidelines”

One of the guidelines listed is “Access the Case for Recantation Risk Factors: …. continued contact with the offender. This statement is very telling and disturbing in that the accused is already called offender which indicates the accused is guilty until proven innocent and that CPS will attempt to stop all contact between the innocent parent and child. In other words the guilt of the accused is already is declared by CPS no matter what. Sandra Glenney will go to any lengths to keep a parent from seeing their child.

“Highly publicized cases in which prosecutors were unable to prove allegations of child abuse beyond a reasonable doubt have contributed to a backlash against child protections efforts”.

This is statement is bizarre and just plain stupid, it ignores the Satanic Panic of the 80′s and the mass hysteria surrounding daycare’s during the same time frame.  Take note of the language “prosecutors failed to prove“; it doesn’t say the defendants were innocent but that the prosecutor failed to prove the allegations. In other words all allegations must be true; there is no possibility that an allegation may not be true.

Things to do:

1. When the Investigator takes the stand in Court have your attorney confront him or her with their training concerning recantations.

2. Ask the investigator specifically if the CPS hand-picked psychologist has reported any retractions to CPS; you want this answer under oath.

3. Ask the investigator if they are provided any information on the “highly publicized cases” that did not produce a conviction.  Ask the investigator if they know any details of the more famous cases. This question is important to establish for the Judge that the investigator receives very biased training, if not just poorly trained.

4. When you attorney has the psychologist on the stand, they needs to inquire if your child has recanted. In one case Dr. Mary Lindahl was presented with the question has the child ever been inconsistent? Asked in this manner, she was able to avoid stating under oath that there were several retractions. The question needs to be asked as “Has the child ever recanted the accusation?  The judge needs to hear that the child recanted; ideally your attorney should already have the notes of the psychologist prior to the psychologist testifying.

5. Get the psychologists notes, if you don’t the psychologist will feel comfortable in suppressing evidence.





Loudoun CPS - CPS Workers are poorly trained and dishonest- part 2