Loudoun CPS – Its not about children, its about money



CPS agencies throughout the country are notoriously troubled. CPS agencies have been at the forefront of the worse travesties of justice throughout the US. The cases are  similar despite occurring in different states. A question to ask is why, why does CPS seem to get involved with such travesties of justice. Why did CPS accept the concept of “repressed memory” therapy and the very outlandish claim of Satanic Ritual Abuse. In Loudoun, why does Sandra Glenney, Ellen Grunewald and Laurie Warhol seem to believe they are above the law. Why does it seems that CPS has an endless supply of mental health professionals that will support the efforts of CPS, It could be as simple as money.

There is  an excellent paper on CPS and the driving force behind it, written by Stephen M. Krason who does an absolutely brilliant job of presenting the problem. Mr. Krason argues that it stems from the Child Abuse and Prevention  Treatment Act (CAPTA).  The following is a brief description of the act

The Act made federal funds available to the states for child abuse prevention and research programs on the condition that they passed laws which mandated the following: reporting by certain professionals (such as physicians) of even suspected cases of child abuse and neglect

As you can see CAPTA provides a financial incentive for the reporting of possible child abuse, this has had unintended consequences.  From the article , the number of reports of child abuse have skyrocketed since CAPTA

By 1972, just prior to the passage of CAPTA, there were 610,000. In 1982, there were 1.3 million.31 In 1984, ten years after passage, the number had climbed to 1.5 million.32 By 1991, the number was 2.7 million reports annually,33 by 1993 it was 2,936,000,34 and by 1997 it rose to three million

The majority of the reports have proven to be false but the ordeal that a family has to go through to prove a allegations false is disruptive , financially taxing and very real. Krason makes a very brilliant point that cases like the McMartin scandal and a similar case in Jordan, Minnesota were made possible by CAPTA. States that accept money per CAPTA have  financial incentive to keep cases going that on the surface seem bizarre. A few things happen when CPS pursues a case despite a lack of physical evidence. Primarily, they justify their existence. Secondly the mental health professionals make additional money if the case keeps going. If CPS determines that a case is without warrant the stream of money ceases. It has little to do for the best interests of the child.

Many of the worse cases that involve false accusations of abuse  usually are centered around the most bizarre accusations; most notably “Satanic Ritual Abuse”.  The cases are always devoid of any physical evidence, relying solely on the testimony of the child witness or a psychologist who testifies routinely for CPS . In Loudoun this would be Dr. William Ling or Dr. Mary Lindahl, they are used often by Loudoun CPS.   In Loudoun, Sandra Glenney has learned that if you interview a child enough and isolate them from a parent tso hat their hand-picked therapist can elicit disclosures, which is the ultimate goal or gold standard for CPS.

Krason, also makes the following statement

“ In many, many cases that we have gathered information about, the same situation comes up as in the Jordan case:  a) that authorities seem to work from the premise that the parents are guilty and they have to prove themselves innocent; b) that when it becomes apparent that authorities realize that no abuse or neglect has occurred they still persist to try to find something; c) that in spite of legal strictures they keep cases and investigations open, and efforts are made by authorities to coerce false confessions of guilt or (if a criminal investigation) to plea-bargain with the threat that children will not be returned otherwise;63 d) that parents have long struggles getting their children back even after they are exonerated; and e) that after their sometimes nightmarish battles with the agencies are over they find they have no legal recourse because of the state’s immunity”

The points that he mentions are incredibly accurate, CPS and its workers assume guilt and will try to find something if nothing is there. This happens across the US every day whenever CPS is involved.  The most somber of it all, is the CPS sometimes can claim immunity. It has no reason to correct its horrid behavior.

The review of CAPTA by Mr. Krason provides insight into how CPS agencies operate and the why.  It is worth reading to become aware of how the agency operates.


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