Loudoun CPS – The case against Monica and Christopher Zveare



What constitutes a fraud, is it a willingness to say anything to achieve your goals? It is the willingness to constantly change your story in order to correct inconsistencies in your previous stories? Is it a willingness to make false statements to a Loudoun County Detective? Is it a willingness to submit false documents that are allegedly from the US State Department?

Sadly for Monica and Christopher Zveare,, they both can answer yes to all of the questions above. You must give them credit they were taking the cues from Loudoun County CPS , but unfortunately they left quite a paper trial with very damning evidence.  This is an introduction to the lies and false accusations of Christopher and Monica Zveare.

Loudoun CPS , Sandra Glenney, Dr. Mary Lindahl and Lorrie Sinclair all played a role in allowing this fraud to occur. The real culprits are the Zveare’s, it was they who engineered the whole thing even down to involving the US State Department in the case. Then again all frauds are the same, the next several posts will be dedicated to showing the public the lies of Monica and Christopher Zveare



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